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Addison Moore

Addison Moore
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Books by Addison Moore


Vex (2011)

Well this was a long book and so much has happened!!! First off this whole foursome is tiring me out. And Skyla being a constant love sick idiot is pissing me off. I get it, she cares for Gage and Logan and even Marshall here and there and I understand she feels in all her teen glory that Chole i...

Vex (2011) by Addison Moore

Toxic Part One (2012)

This fantastic series is the most exciting addition to the YA genre, which I was unable to put down! Toxic: part one is the seventh installment within an extensive series of nine books, from 1-6 and 7, 7.5. The tale began with Earthreal and continued with tremble, burn, wicked, vex and Expel and ...

Toxic Part One (2012) by Addison Moore

Elysian (2000)

So this one I like a little more then the last 3 book, however it was still the same old thing going on as in the last 5 books. Okay I got that she loved all 3 guys, that she could choose between them, how did I see that she was eventually going to be granted a life where she is with all three of...

Elysian (2000) by Addison Moore

Expel (2012)

My favorite of the series so far, even though my heart is completely broken right now. my heart is broken!!! how Gage could have done something so terrible!!i hate him!

Expel (2012) by Addison Moore

Toxic Part Two (2012)

So, my review of this book is pretty much the same as everyone else...THIS SERIES IS TERRIBLE! Yes, I did read them all just to finish the "storyline" and to see if the books got any better but boy, was I disappointed! Firstly, Skyla is one of the biggest, most slutty, annoying, stupid and self c...

Toxic Part Two (2012) by Addison Moore

Ethereal Knights (2000)

So this book is essentially new POV to a story I absolutely love. Ethereal by Addison Moore the first book in the epic Celestra Series!!DO NOT READ THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU READ ETHEREAL! You would definitely get lost. The Celestra Series is absolutely my FAVORITE SERIES! I recommend it over and ove...

Ethereal Knights (2000) by Addison Moore

The Solitude of Passion (2013)

This contains spoilers!! Where to start?!? I really loved this book. I loved the story, I loved how is didn't drag on and on with to many details and a drawn out timeline. It was a very emotional book. It really made you think about how quickly life can change.What I didn't like was Lee. I unders...

The Solitude of Passion (2013) by Addison Moore

Celestra Forever After (2014)

As soon as I started reading this book, it was like it wasn't the first in the series. There were so many characters and things that were mentioned that weren't explained that I spent most of my time trying to figure out who was who instead of being able to let the plot flow, which only confused ...

Celestra Forever After (2014) by Addison Moore

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