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Carl Weber

Carl Weber
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Books by Carl Weber


Big Girls Do Cry (2010)

Thanks to Kensington and Library Thing Early Reviewers for the opportunity to read this book. Carl Weber tells the story of two sisters and two friends. One friend has everything and almost loses it all. The other friend has everything that she could want except for a child of her own. One si...

Big Girls Do Cry (2010) by Carl Weber

Up To No Good (2009)

If you follow any of Carl Weber’s church series you have heard of Deacon James Black, and you would know he is a mess and a half. He is just the same in this book, but it goes deeper into his personal life. He has two children and they too are going through their individual problem. However ju...

Up To No Good (2009) by Carl Weber

The Choir Director (2011)

I was really liking this book up until the secret admirer of the First Lady was revealed. I thought that it was very far-fetched that her admirer would go to all of that trouble. And when the secrets of all of the other characters were revealed, I was somewhat disappointed. I did enjoy the dialo...

The Choir Director (2011) by Carl Weber

Torn Between Two Lovers (2010)

I read this book for a book club. It's the second book by this author that we've read, and only slightly better than the first "The Man in 3B".I'm a little surprised that theses books are available in the public library, as they read like "Letters to Penthouse"! Well past a "smutty" or "R" rating...

Torn Between Two Lovers (2010) by Carl Weber

The Family Business 2 (2013)

I am so crazy in love with these books! Where do I even begin?!?!?! OMG! During the first book, I had my favorite characters and of course I have some more favs but they’ve pretty much switched up this time around. I did like Paris until she had that baby. I was understand she was so much into h...

The Family Business 2 (2013) by Carl Weber

To Paris with Love (2013)

So…out of all of the “Family Business” novels, this was my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love Paris but this wasn’t too intense like the rest of them were until the very end. Poor Niles!!! I can just literally see Boris Kodjoe being Niles and Beyonce being Paris! ;( So sad but I guess it ...

To Paris with Love (2013) by Carl Weber

The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride (2014)

This story was a roller coaster to me, tia had demons that she was dealing with since she was raped. Aaron turns out to be just what the Bishop needed to change the out come of the church faith. Monique is still being the faithful first lady. but we all know that the dust will be kicked up in The...

The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride (2014) by Carl Weber

Married Men (2001)

Good FriendshipOk I like the fact that these men have been friends for years and still share a major part of their lives with one another! That's real cool because I don't think friendships should end. Kyle is obviously the leader, he gets married first (white girl) and he owns a successful black...

Married Men (2001) by Carl Weber

The First Lady (2007)

This book is about a church bishop, whose wife (the church's First Lady) has died. Prior to the First Lady's death, she and her friend (the church secretary) wrote a series of letters to be delivered after her death to 4 women of the church whom would be in the running to become the new First La...

The First Lady (2007) by Carl Weber

Baby Momma Drama (2005)

Wasn't so much baby momma drama as it was spineless daddiesWhenever I pick up one of Carl Weber's books I find myself asking, "where do these people live?"Okay this is by far the funniest, and I liked this one more than I have any of the others. The Johnson sisters, Jasmine and Stephanine, don't ...

Baby Momma Drama (2005) by Carl Weber

Lookin' For Luv (2001)

I was somewhat shocked when I found that this book was supposed to be for juveniles.After reading this book,I find it extremely hard to believe that this book was meant to be read by a younger audience.While I found it in the Adult Fiction section of the library I felt it was the correct place to...

Lookin' For Luv (2001) by Carl Weber

The Preacher's Son (2006)

Living up to your family’s high expectations can be very hard especially when your church family expects more from you tan your original family. In the novel “The Preacher’s Son,” by Carl Weber brother and sister Dante and Donna tried to have a social life but it seemed as if the whole community ...

The Preacher's Son (2006) by Carl Weber

Player Haters (2005)

This book was hilarious. The ending was the funniest of all. It had me hooked from page one. Trent was a womanizer. He could talk the money and underwear off of any woman. Melanie was a true friend who wanted to believe the best about everyone. Will was a loving husband whose wife was holding out...

Player Haters (2005) by Carl Weber

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