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Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike
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Books by Christopher Pike


Preda (1998)

Oh Christopher pike. We have a roller coaster relationship. I like some of your books and dislike some but this one I wish I could go back and reverse the decision to read. I tried so hard to push through and read it all hoping eventually the characters would become likeable,that they would be le...

Preda (1998) by Christopher Pike

Sete (2011)

I didn't even finish this book. The first one was good; I thoroughly enjoyed that one. But the second book... it started out pretty okay but it went steadily downhill. It just got too outlandish. Her daughter was bad, but oh she's really not. And all these people from her past popping up. Oh and ...

Sete (2011) by Christopher Pike

The Eternal Dawn (2010)

I didn't know how to feel when I heard there were more last vampire books. The last vampire series was my favorite through my teens. I read them so many times I pretty much had them memorized. I finally stumbled across the new books at barnes and noble and had to see how it got continued.Basicall...

The Eternal Dawn (2010) by Christopher Pike

Sarışın Vampir No. 3: Sonsuz Şafak (2000)

This was to be 3 stars originally. But the last part of the book redeemed it!We left of with things starting to get weird.... people from another time or realm, space ships and a destiny to destroy an evil sorcerer from a past many hundreds of years ago that tricked Sita into giving him her blood...

Sarışın Vampir No. 3: Sonsuz Şafak (2000) by Christopher Pike

Ölümün Gölgesi (2013)

This book was a blur of Telar, IIC, the Array, the Cradle and the Lens, and demons and the devil himself! But I read most of it in one sitting, so at least it kept me interested. This book is a continuation of the previous, in which nothing got resolved. In this one, finally!! Things get taken ca...

Ölümün Gölgesi (2013) by Christopher Pike

Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil (2013)

WHAT WHAT WHAT was that ending? Cliff hanger for a book that's suppose to be the final volume of Sita's life? Darn you Pike for being so amazing and addicting. If their is more to Sitas story after this novel I will be buying those books.I said it in my update that its been a while since I had re...

Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil (2013) by Christopher Pike

Witch World (2012)

DNF - I really did try...I just couldn't make my way through it! I was so excited to start this sounded like such fun. That was until I actually started it. "She wasn't as pretty as me but that didn't stop her from acting like she was." This is when the hatred started to begin. This is ...

Witch World (2012) by Christopher Pike

Sarışın Vampir No: 5 - Kutsal Sır (2014)

So at first I was disappointed in this book, it just wasn't as interesting as the other books. I changed my mind though as it got further into this book. I just started liking all the deep stuff that Christopher Pike was writing about, specifically around the parts of the book with Krishna. I was...

Sarışın Vampir No: 5 - Kutsal Sır (2014) by Christopher Pike

The Last Vampire and Black Blood (2010)

I'm on the edge 3.5. I liked the story on the whole, but the book read like a bunch of facts not only that but it felt very cold and distant. Even when Sita showed supposedly deep emotion I felt nothing and even the secondary characters didn't have much personality to them. They seemed to blend i...

The Last Vampire and Black Blood (2010) by Christopher Pike

Secret of Ka (2010)

Had to read this because I have to read everything Pike writes. At first it was like "oh no. not another one of those suburban white girl wet dream fantasies". Then it got cheesy with the carpet. Then after accepting that the carpet is a thing, it got interesting. Even though the situations every...

Secret of Ka (2010) by Christopher Pike

The Secret of Ka (2010)

This was a fairly good book. Its about genies which is super neat and something I haven't read about yet. Sara got on my nerves every once in a while, but for the majority, it was good. I loved the family she stayed with. The ending of this book did not suffice however. There we're so many questi...

The Secret of Ka (2010) by Christopher Pike

Chain Letter: Two Books in One (2011)

The only reason this book didn't get 5 stars from me was because of book two. The first book was incredible; it's face paced without being unrealistic or badly written, and keeps the reader in suspence right untill you find out who The Caretaker is.The second book let it down. The whole book coul...

Chain Letter: Two Books in One (2011) by Christopher Pike

The Last Story (2015)

I was disappointed, Christopher Pike. -_-First of all, I've got a lot of expectations for the end of this series. I expected everything to be solved, to be finished, everyone to be happy and fucking satisfied.They probably did, the characters, I mean. But I obviously wasn't.Why?WHY?!One - I hate ...

The Last Story (2015) by Christopher Pike

Sati (1991)

How did we end up here?I saw it on the shelf of a liquidating Borders store, saw it was Christopher Pike, and I snagged it. It’s that simple. Except it was on the YA shelf, probably because it’s Christopher Pike. It’s not YA. The blurb on Goodreads calls it his first adult novel and there’s nothi...

Sati (1991) by Christopher Pike

The Howling Ghost (1995)

The TV episode that is based on this book follows it almost to the letter. So there really wasn't anything in here that I hadn't already experienced. Not sure I like book-Sally all that much, she's vicious to Cindy in this book. It's pretty off-putting. Cindy is another girl who might be comp...

The Howling Ghost (1995) by Christopher Pike

The Return (1994)

As with Remember Me, the copy I have was marketed as a scary/thriller. As it was the Halloween season and I had been looking for something scary, I thought these two books would fit the bill. Well, they didn't...not really.The biggest issue I have with these two is that - due to the marketing cam...

The Return (1994) by Christopher Pike

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice (2009)

"The Last Vampire""I am a vampire, and that is the truth. But the modern meaning of the word vampire, the stories that have been told about creatures such as I, are not precisely true. I do not turn to ash in the sun, nor do I cringe when I see a crucifix. I wear a tiny gold cross now around my n...

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice (2009) by Christopher Pike

The Season of Passage (1993)

Excerpt from my review - originally published at Offbeat YA.Pros: Riveting mix of genres full of tension build-up. Engaging main characters.Cons: Outdated science (but see note below).WARNING! There's some rather heavy gore, but then again, there are grosser books I think (thus spoke the woman wh...

The Season of Passage (1993) by Christopher Pike

Road to Nowhere (2002)

'Road to Nowhere' is one of the books I kept from my teenage years. I was a massive fan of Christopher Pike, and I suppose I didn't want to let go of the nostalgic feelings. Well, now that I have read this book again, I'm ready to let it go. I can't remember reading it the first time around, but ...

Road to Nowhere (2002) by Christopher Pike

The Immortal (1993)

First, the chronology of that blurb is off. Josie stumbles upon the statue after a few of those events already occur and she starts dreaming about the goddess. Second, personally, I think that blurb is a little misleading but once you start reading the story, it makes more sense in context. But f...

The Immortal (1993) by Christopher Pike

The Party (1997)

Christopher Pike is a children's books and young adult author I used to read when I was a pre-teen and young teenager. I read him now out of nostalgia, but also out of genuine interest; because he's still a reference in the YA/crime/paranormal genres for me. And if not romance, then that's the ki...

The Party (1997) by Christopher Pike

The Shaktra (2006)

I'm posting this unchanged for all three books of the series, because I believe potential readers should be aware that the series is incomplete:"Ali's story will continue in the next book in the series, Nemi" (last line of The Yanti.)According to a Pike fan site (

The Shaktra (2006) by Christopher Pike

The Ancient Evil (1992)

I'll try to keep it brief; this is honestly such a bad book that I felt frustrated reading it. I had to rush through the pages to just get it done and over with. The bad characterisation is still there and only gets worse. Kipp, Fran, Brenda and Joan now barely have much of a presence in the book...

The Ancient Evil (1992) by Christopher Pike

Alosha (2005)

This wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.Characters: C+I'm not too sure why he's a bestselling author. Nothing personal, I just can't see it. The characters were dry for the most part with no character development, and it was hard to get a good grasp on them. Unless you call Ali's mood switchin...

Alosha (2005) by Christopher Pike

The Secret Path (1995)

Oddly I was introduced to the books though the show. I saw some random episode once cas I was watching my little pony (I'm a brony deal with it) and the stone or like one of the more drama episodes came on I didn't think a lot about it but I did like it and did a little wiki searching on the show...

The Secret Path (1995) by Christopher Pike

The Graduation (1998)

Here are somethings I noticed/remembered/liked/disliked about Book Three: The Graduation (the link is to Goodreads).Let's see...Noticed1] Pike really does go out of his way to make Jessica likeable in this one.2] could anyone not notice where he was going with Claire's boyfriend...???3...

The Graduation (1998) by Christopher Pike

The Dance (1998)

It would probably make more sense if I'd written a single review for the three Final Friends books, seeing as they're real sequels, not just related novels. Unfortunately for me (since it's a suspenseful crime story), I've only managed to come by them one by one, and I tend to review as I read, s...

The Dance (1998) by Christopher Pike

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