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Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray
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Books by Claudia Gray


Stargazer (2009)

Bianca goes to school at Evernight Academy. Bianca is a vampire-to-be, and her parents are both vampires. Vampires cannot have babies, so Bianca soon discovers the agreement made between the wraiths (ghosts) and her parents, so that she could be born. I found it interesting that the vampires are ...

Stargazer (2009) by Claudia Gray

Fateful (2012)

3.5 stars.... Idk this book took a really long time for me to get into. It took me over three months to read this book, which is completely crazy concidering I finish books within two or three days. It was partially my fault because I had so many other books I put in front of this and so I didn't...

Fateful (2012) by Claudia Gray

Balthazar (2012)

Celá série Akademie Evernight mě nijak zvlášť nenadchla. Příběh byl docela fajn, ale dost výrazně to kazily hlavní postavy, které byly prostě stupidní. Proto jsem si hodně oblíbila postavy vedlejší, ze kterých byl jasně nejlepší Balthazar. A právě o něm je tento díl, který je v podstatě pokračová...

Balthazar (2012) by Claudia Gray

Aguas oscuras (2012)

*4.75* Decent mystery/romance. But too similar to the movie Titanic, with werewolves thrown in.

Aguas oscuras (2012) by Claudia Gray

Adicción (2009)

Inhalt:Bianca und Lucas mussten sich aufgrund ihrer unterschiedlichen Lebensweisen trennen, doch die beiden finden immer wieder einen Weg zusammen. Als Bianca eine fremde Vampirin trifft und Balthasar davon erfährt, unterstützt der alte Vampir die Ausflüge von Bianca und was sie herausfinden birg...

Adicción (2009) by Claudia Gray

Hvězdopravec (2010)

Well, I stopped reading the saga for this book, so get your conclusions. I loooooooooved soooo muuuuuuuuch too !!!! I loove!! Claudia Gray is sooooo good !!!!!

Hvězdopravec (2010) by Claudia Gray

A Thousand Pieces of You (2014)

Overall: 3.5/5I bought this book for myself as a Christmas present, cuz the cover's so pretty and the plot seems interesting. I'm not really into science fiction, but when I find a decent sci-fi story I easily get hooked with it (I'm looking at you, Bioshock multiverse). Anyway, because of those ...

A Thousand Pieces of You (2014) by Claudia Gray

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