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Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz
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Books by Dean Koontz


The Moonlit Mind (2011)

Ok technically this wasn't a full on book but a novella. It was in fact at the very end of my copy of 77 Shadow Street which I finished reading today. I liked this story a lot because it wasn't a long drawn out story. It was TO THE POINT, had very good characters including a dog and the story kep...

The Moonlit Mind (2011) by Dean Koontz

Das Mondkind (2012)

I absolutely loved this novella! It is the story of a homeless boy, his devoted and almost-prescient canine companion, and their friend, a teenage girl who is also entirely on her own. The boy is hunted by a cult that his mother and step-father are involved in,and who intend to use him for a hu...

Das Mondkind (2012) by Dean Koontz

Deeply Odd (2013)

This was one of my favorite Odd Thomas books. I found the supernatural aspects surprisingly more believable than other entries in the series. I loved the characters Odd met along his journey and the insights they provided. I found Alfred Hitchcock to be delightful. I feel that they all moved t...

Deeply Odd (2013) by Dean Koontz

Odd Interlude #3 (2012)

Dea Oddie, I am going to start out sounding a bit cliche, but here goes....... I still love you. I always will. It's not you (and here the cliche ends), but it's not me either. It's the stupid stories your author keeps putting you in!I realize that you are a unique and wonderful guy. It must be d...

Odd Interlude #3 (2012) by Dean Koontz

Odd Is on Our Side (2010)

This graphic novel is similar to the previous one although I think that the plot seemed more remedial. As it is apparently geared toward teens, I can imagine why but I think the first in this series was more interesting. These seem to be prequels to the original Odd Thomas as Stormy is a charact...

Odd Is on Our Side (2010) by Dean Koontz

A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog (2009)

Dogs are special to most people, with the memories they bring and how they open your eyes to the little things to be happy about. This story is about Trixie, from an author who has learned and grown from a retired assistance dog. It features stories in their multiples homes, all teaching experien...

A Big Little Life:  A Memoir of a Joyful Dog (2009) by Dean Koontz

Odd Apocalypse (2012)

This was definitely the most different book of all in this series so far but not necessarily better. One thing that makes a series work is its consistency with characterizations and plot, and this book made a huge change in both aspects. Leaving all the other characters out except the lead, miss...

Odd Apocalypse (2012) by Dean Koontz

Odd Interlude Part Three (2012)

I gobbled this thrilling and emotinally resonant edition to the Odd Thomas series up. This is the third part of the Odd Interlude serial novella and it's great! I absolutely loved it!!

Odd Interlude Part Three (2012) by Dean Koontz

Darkness Under the Sun (2010)

A little too easy to figure out what's going to happen...but a cute read... Short story, intriguing, definitely has me wanting to read What the Night Knows.

Darkness Under the Sun (2010) by Dean Koontz

Odd Apocolypse (2000)

When last I knew of Odd Thomas, he was leaving the California Coastal town of Magic Beach, having thwarted the nefarious plans of folk who wanted power more than they appreciated life. He did so by following his “gift” of intuition and a willingness to meet any challenge put before him. Once aga...

Odd Apocolypse (2000) by Dean Koontz

De ravenzwarte veer (2011)

This novella was included my edition of What the Night Knows, and describes an encounter early in Alton Turner Blackwood's career as a murderer, with a young man who doesn't realize what's about to be unleashed.Howie is a burn victim, marked for life by harm done to him by one meant to protect hi...

De ravenzwarte veer (2011) by Dean Koontz

Saint Odd (2014)

To me, the most important things in literature are the characters. This is one of the reasons I love Koontz, because the man can write a character who is so easy to relate to, you feel as though you know them. As though the characters are part of your real world and are your friend or enemy. He d...

Saint Odd (2014) by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas (2006)

I haven't read Dean Koontz in years, and I wanted to see if I'd made a hasty judgment about him being not so good. He wrote a book called "Lightning" that I liked, but others I read were, as they say, "Meh." I picked up this book and the next in the series, "Forever Odd," and thought "sure, why...

Odd Thomas (2006) by Dean Koontz

Brother Odd (2006)

Third in the Odd Thomas horror-lite series about a young man needing to retreat from his horrific life.Horror-lite? Yeah, what else can you call it when the story is both warm and creepily weird?My TakeWell, I was dying to know what and why Odd sought out a monastery. And Koontz delivered with wa...

Brother Odd (2006) by Dean Koontz

Forever Odd (2007)

Uh oh, kids, it’s that time again. What time, you ask? Time for you to pull out your boots and grab your shovels because that synopsis is pure BULLSHIT! First of all, Odd does not communicate with the dead, he sees the dead. Big difference. I mean sure, he can talk to them, but unless...

Forever Odd (2007) by Dean Koontz

Watchers (2003)

While the premise of "Watchers" is interesting, the characters fail as engaging or realistic people. Each character seems to have one major characteristic or life-changing past event from which all of their actions grow.Take, for example, Nora. Essentially locked away for the first thirty years o...

Watchers (2003) by Dean Koontz

Strangers (2002)

I must have forgotten how much I hate this book because here I am reading it again. There's a lot to hate, I mean, A LOT TO HATE, but I'll focus in on Koontz's utter contempt for Native American cultures and people this time. There's the ending diatribe but I'll get to that when I get there. Let'...

Strangers (2002) by Dean Koontz

One Door Away from Heaven (2002)

This book made me feel all soft and squishy inside. As this wasn't normal, I figured something was horribly amiss with my internal workings, so I went and had a lie down. I dreamed about being attacked by thousands of liliputian puppies who swarmed all over me and licked and drooled over my face ...

One Door Away from Heaven (2002) by Dean Koontz

Dark Rivers of the Heart (2000)

The novel is pure Koontz: a pure hero, a beautiful heroine with a heart of gold, and a more than lovable dog — all caught up in an impossible adventure as they try to get away from the forces aligned against them, with subplots from their past gradually becoming visible as explanations of how the...

Dark Rivers of the Heart (2000) by Dean Koontz

Night Chills (1986)

My daughter came through the living-room the other day and observed, "I just read another one of Koontz's early books, and he really has improved, a lot."Now that's not a blanket truth, a few of his early books are pretty good. I don't, personally, think this is one of them.It may be that I would...

Night Chills (1986) by Dean Koontz

The Husband (2006)

Dovevo immaginarmelo che dopo aver letto I Fratelli Karamazov qualunque libro avrebbe fatto una figura barbina. Mi dispiace, caro Koontz, che questa triste sorte sia capitata proprio a te - sei un omino tanto simpatico e carino - ma su, non si può fare un paragone tra te e il mio mattacchione r...

The Husband (2006) by Dean Koontz

City of Night (2005)

I did not enjoy reading this. It felt like when I read Twilight all over again- flipping pages waiting for the good part that never happened. It was a lot of talking and plotting without much acting on the talking and plotting (kind of like Lex Luthor). There was much filler, but since I tolerat...

City of Night (2005) by Dean Koontz

Sole Survivor (2006)

The sky is deep, the sky is dark.The light of stars is so damn stark.When I look up, I fill with fear.If all we have is what lies here,this lonely world, this troubled place, then cold dead stars and empty space...Well, I see no reason to persevere,no reason to laugh or shed a tear,no reason to s...

Sole Survivor (2006) by Dean Koontz

Life Expectancy (2005)

LIFE EXPECTANCY Review I'm about to spoil the hell out of this piece of garbage in the hopes that you run screaming from its pages as if the longevity of your genitals depended on it.  The Good: This book is readable. Meaning, you can read it. Moving on. The Bad: The synopsis is terrific: engagin...

Life Expectancy (2005) by Dean Koontz

Twilight Eyes (1987)

Twilight Eyes fails on every level: conception, plot, character, development, setting and writing. Even the title is weak. The novel focuses on a seventeen year-old boy who has the inexplicable natural ability to see through the disguises of certain "people" and recognize them for what they truly...

Twilight Eyes (1987) by Dean Koontz

Midnight (2004)

Review contains spoilers. This novel by Dean Koontz sports a lot of Koontz's usual tropes. Among them are: the good-hearted protagonist that has experienced a loss, the angelic and unrealistically mature child, the unnecessary romance between main characters in the midst of mayhem, the remorse...

Midnight (2004) by Dean Koontz

Intensity (2000)

Being a huge Stephen King fanboy, I am almost obligated to hate Dean Koontz. It is one of the biggest literary feuds, King vs. Koontz, and fans of both authors rip at each others throats whenever possible. Like many hardcore fanboys, I'm ready to tear anyone that likes Koontz apart (at least in m...

Intensity (2000) by Dean Koontz

Hideaway (2005)

I read a lot of Dean Koontz's books when I was in high school. In the past few years, I've read a few, and they usually keep my interest. His novels feature a lot of similar scenes and scenarios (frequently an evil serial killer trying to track down a protagonist who's all heart, though with a ...

Hideaway (2005) by Dean Koontz

Velocity (2006)

Velocity is the first Dean Koontz novel that I have read, primarily because he writes in a genre I am not particularly fond of. Actually that’s not really true – I like a good thriller, but I am a pretty squeamish kind of guy, and Koontz (or so the book blurbs would imply) has a tendency to delve...

Velocity (2006) by Dean Koontz

Lightning (2003)

What a great story! I thought about it frequently afterwards.At times it was a roller coaster ride, frightening, intense, and I didn’t want to stop reading until I got through the current crisis. The main story is Laura’s life from birth to adulthood. A strange man appears at critical times in...

Lightning (2003) by Dean Koontz

Cold Fire (2004)

This is the Dean Koontz I love! I listened to this as an audio book a few years ago and was thrilled to re-experience the story in print. Cold Fire was published in 1991, after The Bad Place and before Koontz starting coming out with 2-3 novels each year. Some issues examined in Cold Fire include...

Cold Fire (2004) by Dean Koontz

Fear Nothing (1998)

“Zabójca strachu” to pierwsza część cyklu “Moonlight Bay”, i planowałem zaliczyć oba tomy, a potem opinię wyrazić jedną, wspólną. Jednak moje ogólne wrażenie z lektury było tak mocne, że cóż, najwyżej druga część otrzyma wpis osobny. Albo i nie, zobaczymy.Początek, co jest chyba typowe dla Deana ...

Fear Nothing (1998) by Dean Koontz

Mr. Murder (2006)

Back then, when I read this novel, I enjoyed a lot. I think that it was an interesting way to present the plot, since the main character, Marty Stillwater, is threatened by an unthinkable menace... himself, or kinda, since he has to face a clone of himself. However, the clone is a coldblooded kil...

Mr. Murder (2006) by Dean Koontz

The Bad Place (2004)

I read this book for the May group read for the Dean Koontz Group, of which I'm currently a member. Unfortunately, I can't really say that liked this one at all. It seemed to me that it was both lacking and overdone at the same time. Lacking in characterization (which is important to me), but ove...

The Bad Place (2004) by Dean Koontz

Seize the Night (1998)

In Dean Koontz’s novel, Seize The Night – a Christopher Snow Adventure – Snow suffers from an inherited genetic disorder known as Xeroderma pigmentation, XP. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, sunshine, incandescent and fluorescent light could cause skin and eye cancer. Thus, he is a nocturnal cr...

Seize the Night (1998) by Dean Koontz

Tick Tock (1996)

Tommy Phan is living the American Dream. He was a reporter, now he’s a self-employed detective novelist working from the comfort of his home. With his new, larger salary, he is able to buy a corvette and fulfill his childhood dream. Although Phan is Vietnamese by birth, he thinks of himself more...

Tick Tock (1996) by Dean Koontz

From the Corner of His Eye (2001)

From the Corner of His Eyeby Dean KoontzBantam, 729 pages, paperback, 2001; reissue of a bookoriginally published in 2001Dean Koontz is probably, right now, the most underestimatedwriter at work in the field of fantastic literature. The reasonsare not hard to fathom. Unlike most authors, who go t...

From the Corner of His Eye (2001) by Dean Koontz

The Door to December (2002)

The Door to December by Dean KoontzAlthough Dean Koontz has written several novels, The Door to December is the first one I have read by him. He started out as an English teacher and started writing books in his spare time. He has used several pen names such as Aaron Wolfe and David Axton. Mos...

The Door to December (2002) by Dean Koontz

The Good Guy (2007)

There's so much wrong with Dean Koontz's The Good Guy that one might wonder how the universe did not implode on the day of its publication. However one might realize that books by Koontz published after this one are even worse, so the universe would have to implode several times.Or maybe the univ...

The Good Guy (2007) by Dean Koontz

False Memory (2000)

What a steaming pile of unfiltered ordure this travesty of a novel is. I am amazed, and rather proud, that I fought my way through nearly 800 pages of this woeful nonsense that has almost zero characterisation, a dubious and scientifically improbable plot, and one of the most frustrating writing ...

False Memory (2000) by Dean Koontz

Santa's Twin (2004)

Known as the master of terrifying horror novels, Mr. Koontz turned his hand to writing a Christmas story about—who else?—Santa’s evil twin. Bwahahahahaha! But Bob isn’t evil so much as very naughty and Mr. Koontz’s poetry whimsically captures his naughty deeds as well as the two intrepid little g...

Santa's Twin (2004) by Dean Koontz

The Servants of Twilight (1991)

(excuse my lack of proper capitalization I am on a phone.)I would rate this four stars if it were another author but this book didn't meet the mark I've come to expect from this author. koontz is usually amazing at suspense where I literally won't stop reading from the halfway mark to the end. in...

The Servants of Twilight (1991) by Dean Koontz

Chase (1990)

This is an early book by Dean Koontz written under a pseudonym. It is still recognizable as one of his stories. The story and plot are tight and quick paced. The characters are real and for the most part likeable. The main character is a man named Ben Chase who has returned from Vietnam war d...

Chase (1990) by Dean Koontz

The Funhouse (1994)

tThe carnival is always a unique, exciting setting for any horror novel. Amidst all the freaks, gloomy funhouses, maniacally grinning clowns, and … well, candy, there’s a man with a mission. To seek out and destroy his ex-wife’s children, the ex-wife who had taken away his own mutated son. Beside...

The Funhouse (1994) by Dean Koontz

The Face of Fear (1985)

When I read the back of this book to someone, once we reached, “and there’s a blizzard outside, they laughed and said, “Oh, of course.”The plot may sound interesting but nothing like Koontz’s usual work. Instead it more or less mimics simple lifetime thrillers we’ve all seen over and over again. ...

The Face of Fear (1985) by Dean Koontz

Dragon Tears (2006)

This book is not about what I thought it was going to be about. No sad dragons. ::Sigh::Sometimes it’s a good thing when a book doesn’t match your expectations. Being caught offguard by a book—when it isn’t the result of a perfidious marketing campaign, or the product of a particularly deceptiv...

Dragon Tears (2006) by Dean Koontz

Phantoms (2002)

In 1979, Dean Koontz wrote a novel called Whispers which catapulted him to the bestseller list. Koontz's status in the publishing world shifted drastically; from a rather unknown suspense producer he became the hot stuff, and in 1981 Whispers rose to the top five of the New York Times paperback b...

Phantoms (2002) by Dean Koontz

The Face (2004)

At last, I get to read a Dean Koontz novel which doesn’t prominently feature a golden retriever.One would have thought that a writer as prolific as Koontz – at least two novels a year – might suffer from the odd shortage of ideas. But if anything, the main problem with ‘The Face’ (which is a horr...

The Face (2004) by Dean Koontz

The Eyes of Darkness (1996)

Weak 3 stars. Good action and suspense. Bad dialogue. Weak narrator.STORY BRIEF:Tina’s son Danny was on a field trip. The bus was in an accident and he died. The cops recommended she not view the body because it was mangled. She complied. The story begins a year later. A ghost or somethin...

The Eyes of Darkness (1996) by Dean Koontz

The Voice of the Night (1991)

You can read this review and others at my book blog site, joshsbookcorner.blogspot.comTo start this off, this is a really hard book to summarize the plot without giving away half of the plot. My description will be very vague, I apologize but I don’t want to give away most of the plot. Colin just...

The Voice of the Night (1991) by Dean Koontz

Demon Seed (1997)

I am used to being disappointed by Koontz, and this one was especially disappointing... but it gets a special place because of the interesting style and the slight boost it's given to me following through more with my own writing (in a similar vein, a disembodied and malign intelligence narrating...

Demon Seed (1997) by Dean Koontz

The Mask (1990)

The moment I was finished this novel, I was dumbfounded. I thought, “Wait, that was it? I need more information!” What a great cliffhanger. I can’t believe that was just it and I was still on the edge. Anyway, this is another novel of Dean Koontz that made me think differently of him. This is the...

The Mask (1990) by Dean Koontz

The Vision (1986)

I have read an upwards of 20 Dean Koontz books, and I consider him one of my favorite authors. However, The Vision is not one of his best works. I'm giving The Vision a two star rating because the best word to describe it really is "ok." It's about 350 pages long, but a pretty quick read. (I fini...

The Vision (1986) by Dean Koontz

The House of Thunder (1992)

Само ден и половина след приключването на невероятната "Ускорение" на Дийн Кунц, със съжаление затварям и "Гръмотевичният дом". Казвам със съжаление не защото книгата не е добра, а просто защото свърши. Мнението ми си остава същото - Кунц е невероятен. Романът е невероятен! "Гръмотевичният дом" (...

The House of Thunder (1992) by Dean Koontz

The Dean Koontz Companion (1994)

think you have read all that koontz has written? have you read his After the Last Race? Anti-Man?Beastchildhey, whuddayahknow...maybe all those titles that seemed unattainable a few years ago...ten? 15? five? something. maybe those are coming out.when i read this offering edited by greenberg, ...

The Dean Koontz Companion (1994) by Dean Koontz

The Darkest Evening of the Year (2007)

Opening Line: " Behind the wheel of the Ford Expedition, Amy Redwing drove as if she were immortal and therefore safe at any speed."I read THE DARKEST EVENING OF THE YEAR for a book club challenge although admittedly it had been sitting on my TBR shelf for a couple of years. I was happy to finall...

The Darkest Evening of the Year (2007) by Dean Koontz

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I Have Quite Collection Of Many Of Dean Koontz Novels, And I'm Still Searching For More, I My Opinion He Is The Best Writer Of The Century.
—Richard Sutliff

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