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Frank E. Peretti

Frank E. Peretti
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Books by Frank E. Peretti


House (2006)

Are you a fan of Frank Peritti? DO you eat up Ted Decker's books? Read House, A horror beyond imaginable! It is a book that draws a PERFECT picture of sin. Jack is lost with his exwife, Stephinie.The road is blocked, so a police officer tells them to go down this backroad. then, thier tires are s...

House (2006) by Frank E. Peretti

Illusion (2012)

OK. It took me WAY too long to read this book. There were many distractions to completing it. Beginning of school, traveling, busy home life, etc. I actually really enjoyed the intelligence of this book. I loved the part science fiction, part magician, part love story, part mystery of it. I...

Illusion (2012) by Frank E. Peretti

Prophet (2004)

SummaryJohn Barrett, handsome news anchor for NewsSix, has a fairly average life—until he begins to hear the voices. First he hears wailing and groaning in his neighborhood that no one else can hear. He hears a waitress weeping over a lost friend, even though it’s not audible to anyone but himsel...

Prophet (2004) by Frank E. Peretti

Piercing the Darkness (2003)

This book only gets two stars for its ability to create effective suspense, and the inventive narrative structure which combines the drama of the human world with the drama of the conflict between angels and demons. Otherwise, this narrative is full of stereotyping from an evangelical conservativ...

Piercing the Darkness (2003) by Frank E. Peretti

This Present Darkness (2003)

I have recently reread Daniel’s story from the Bible. Allow me to say that Daniel was my favorite Bible character when I was growing up. He was a prayerful man who did not bent to any pagan rule, even if it meant being fed to the lions on a pit. He was a man miraculously saved by an angel. He...

This Present Darkness (2003) by Frank E. Peretti

The Visitation (2006)

Peretti can run hot and cold but here he's in top form as we follow the twin stories that make up this book. Good drama with just enough humor.There are some efforts by Peretti that haven't...well, haven't been my cup of tea. I like his attitude and his point of view, but sometimes his storytelli...

The Visitation (2006) by Frank E. Peretti

Hangman's Curse (2003)

tI love anything by Frank Peretti. The Oath, The Prophet, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness are all terrific reads and excellent books. As you can guess, I was pretty excited to read Hangman’s Curse. Specifically written for teenagers and the first book in The Veritas Project series...

Hangman's Curse (2003) by Frank E. Peretti

Nightmare Academy (2003)

Hey ya'll,So one book that captivated me from start to finish would have to be Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti. I loved how well executed his novel was. Peretti brought me action, adventure, and mystery all at once which is sometimes not an easy task for authors due to them not being skillful ...

Nightmare Academy (2003) by Frank E. Peretti

The Wounded Spirit (2000)

Are you curious as to Author Frank Peretti's background? His real-life story is told through these pages. I nearly wept when I read paragraph after paragraph of the abuse haunting his adult eyes. He shares his struggles, healing process, and freedom found in Christianity.Here's the official sy...

The Wounded Spirit (2000) by Frank E. Peretti

The Legend of Annie Murphy (2005)

The Cooper family and a few other kids and grown-ups go on a camping trip to relax from their hard work that they've been doing and they hear the legend of Annie Murphy in the hills and if you camp on the grave of Annie Murphy you'll die the next morning. So, while they were sleeping, one of them...

The Legend of Annie Murphy (2005) by Frank E. Peretti

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