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Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton
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Books by Graham Masterton


Descendant (2007)

In "Descendant", Masterton draws on the Romanian folklore of the strigoi, the immortal vampires, to weave a tale that crosses WWII and the decade or so after its end.Jim Falcon, is an American academician who, due to a paper he wrote, is called upon to hunt strigoi in WWII's European theater. Aft...

Descendant (2007) by Graham Masterton

The House That Jack Built (2000)

"Gut ist der Schlaf, der Tod ist besser"Ponieważ to pierwsza książka Mastertona, którą tutaj dokładniej opisuję, to może kilka słów o nim na początek. Często jest on oceniany jako mierny pisarz przez to jak pisze swoje książki. Czasem dość brutalne sceny opisuje [żeby coś takiego wymyślić to trze...

The House That Jack Built (2000) by Graham Masterton

House of Bones (1998)

If you've read the reviews on this website before, you'll know we're die-hard fans (no pun intended) of Graham Masterton. Masterton is grossly overlooked and definitely deserves the title "King of Horror" more than Stephen King. Don't believe me? Just give his novels a try. Start out with Feast (...

House of Bones (1998) by Graham Masterton

Burial (1993)

I loved this book, I read it not knowing about the first two but still really enjoyed it, I could tell there was more to the story as the characters refer to before when they dealt with Misquamacus in the hospital. I found it easy to follow and it freaked me out of me in a few parts lol but I cou...

Burial (1993) by Graham Masterton

Revenge of the Manitou (1987)

I'm not familiar with his more recent output but back in his early works, Masterton apparently couldn't write convincing women. They seemingly existed only to be vague stereotypes or to be victimised in order to spur on the protagonist. Or, in the case of this book, both.On the whole though, the ...

Revenge of the Manitou (1987) by Graham Masterton

Manitou Blood (2005)

Manitou Blood is the fourth novel in the 'Manitou' series.One key to having a book guaranteed for a reader to adore is by including a beloved hero. Harry Erskine is perfect for that role, being quirky, silly, over-the-top, and humorous while never being corny or self-apologetic. He admits he does...

Manitou Blood (2005) by Graham Masterton

The Manitou (2000)

I recognize that this a first novel (it's the first novel I've ever read by Masterton actually). I recognize that there are minor slip ups about American culture by a British writer (just little turns of phrase that don't ring true - can't even think of one now they were so few - the constant usa...

The Manitou (2000) by Graham Masterton

The Doorkeepers (2003)

Josh's sister, Julia, moves to London and isn't heard from for 8 months. One morning, her body is found cut to pieces and dumped into the Thames River. Josh and his girlfriend, Nancy, fly to England and attempt to find out what happened to Julia. The police are stumped and have no leads. They end...

The Doorkeepers (2003) by Graham Masterton

Plague (2008)

Started off really well, I couldn't put it down, then about two thirds of the way through it seemed to take a bizarre turn. There is an idiotic subplot which seems to do little more than provide the author an opening to portray a certain political party in the most evil, vile light possible; it w...

Plague (2008) by Graham Masterton

The Wells Of Hell (1990)

This is one of Masterton's early horror novels and as far as I'm concerned this author can do no wrong.Back Cover Blurb:New Milford was a peaceful old town where nothing ever happened. Until overnight the water turned a hideously sinister colour. Then Alison and Jimmy Bodine disappeared and the b...

The Wells Of Hell (1990) by Graham Masterton

Tengu (1996)

I had a lot of mind changes while reading Tengu. For the first quarter or so, I didn’t think I liked it because I didn’t understand what was going on at all. The second third of the book picked up though and I couldn’t put it down. The last third, however, made me wish it would end mainly because...

Tengu (1996) by Graham Masterton

Death Trance (1986)

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Death Trance was, for me, a bad book. I can't say that it was bad for one main reason or several small ones because it just seemed bad altogether. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it shows, yet again, that Masterton can take on any...

Death Trance (1986) by Graham Masterton

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