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Kate Christensen

Kate Christensen
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Books by Kate Christensen


Das Ehespiel (2000)

"What did I think?" Asks the prompt for this review. I think reading this book was a terrific waste of time. There's no real plot, there's no real resolution, there's no real anything except a man taking stock of his life during and after a divorce. There's a final scene that I thought would ...

Das Ehespiel (2000) by Kate Christensen

The Epicure's Lament (2005)

How can one even begin to describe the symphony of words and ideas that this brilliant author has woven into a magnificent tale of life, love and the true meaning of having control over any of it? It's books such as this one that move me, they make my insides tremble and hands shake in anticipati...

The Epicure's Lament (2005) by Kate Christensen

Jeremy Thrane (2002)

Jeremy Thrane’s comfortable world is about to be turned on its head. Having for years been in the employ of his lover Tom, living in his New York home and running his affairs, he is about to be thrown out. Tom is now a successful actor, married to an even more successful actress, and for years Je...

Jeremy Thrane (2002) by Kate Christensen

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