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Katie Crabapple

Katie Crabapple
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Books by Katie Crabapple


Mail Order Millie (2000)

(I really don't like giving negative reviews, but I have to be honest and tell it like it is here... :) )My grammar nazi/editor self struggled through this one. The characters were very shallow and unrealistic in a lot of ways, and the plot seemed pretty much like the cliche mail-order bride stor...

Mail Order Millie (2000) by Katie Crabapple

A Bride for Pastor Dan (2000)

Anna is content with her life. She works as a kindergarten teacher for a local school, and gives as much of her time as she can to her church. The new pastor at her church has caused quite a stir among the single females, because not only is he a single pastor, but he’s a handsome single pastor. ...

A Bride for Pastor Dan (2000) by Katie Crabapple

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