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K.L. Going

K.L. Going
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Books by K.L. Going


Voll Danebenein Unmöglicher Roman (2010)

“What I'm Best At, by Liam Geller. (…) I would have to say that the one thing I truly excel at is screwing up. I am very, very good at it there are many ways in which I manage to screw up far more than the average person. Whereas most people screw up only once in a while I am very consistent abou...

Voll Danebenein Unmöglicher Roman (2010) by K.L. Going

King of the Screwups (2009)

King of the Screwups is a very different book from what most of us are used to reading. It has the difficult story of a boy in a bad relationship with his father, with deep undertones of societal discrimination. If you ignore the story (which I wouldn't suggest, it's phenomenal), then you can rea...

King of the Screwups (2009) by K.L. Going

Dog in Charge (2012)

This picture book explores what happens when a well-behaved (obedient) dog is put in charge of a bunch of unruly cats for the day. They get into all sorts of mischief and just when it looks like the dog will get in trouble with the owners for the mess that was made, the cats do something to surp...

Dog in Charge (2012) by K.L. Going

Fat Kid Rules the World (2004)

I absolutely loved this book and while I was reading it I couldn’t help thinking of students who I thought would too. It is not just a tale of friendship and music; it also tackles other tough issues like homelessness, body image, bullying, drug addiction, dysfunctional families, and abuse. There...

Fat Kid Rules the World (2004) by K.L. Going

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