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Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas
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Books by Lisa Kleypas


Smooth Talking Stranger (2009)

Oh God I loved it!!!! You know those books that you never though would be so good? Well this is one of them!!!Let me tell you that I actually though about dropping it some time in the begging because I didn't see were the story could get interesting after the baby Luke's father identity was resol...

Smooth Talking Stranger (2009) by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me at Twilight (2009)

This Victorian series is holding steady with its troubled pasts and dark hearts finding love and acceptance. It is at the point now where the family sounds ridiculous if you are meeting them for the first time, but you know and care about them if you've read the series in order. To the point whe...

Tempt Me at Twilight (2009) by Lisa Kleypas

Rainshadow Road (2012)

So after finishing (and loving!) book one, I had to run out to the bookstore and pick up the next couple in the series. OMG! I bought actual, real books! I'm not sure why I felt compelled to do that rather than just get them for my kindle, but I did. And I practically inhaled this one as soon as ...

Rainshadow Road (2012) by Lisa Kleypas

El camino del sol (2012)

This book is a delightful bit of Kleypas summer-reading magic. The setting is ideal (an island off the coast of the State of Washington), and there are so many references to the outdoors that I wanted to ride my bike to the nearest beach, with a bottle of wine in tow, to finish the book.Typical ...

El camino del sol (2012) by Lisa Kleypas

Buenas vibraciones (2010)

I loved the book a captivating story . Fun and enjoyable story. Would recommend the series to anyone who wants to read a feel good book.

Buenas vibraciones (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

Una calda estate in Texas (2013)

If this book would have ended at about 55-60%, maybe I would have given it five stars.The book started out great, I loved the characters, loved that I could feel every emotion. But something changed over halfway through the book. I can't really put my finger on it why. I guess it was because at t...

Una calda estate in Texas (2013) by Lisa Kleypas

Smooth Talking Stranger - Kejutan Cinta (2010)

Loved this series -- and I cannot wait for Joe's book!!! beautiful, romantic, fantastic. ♥ Lisa Kleypas has done it again!

Smooth Talking Stranger - Kejutan Cinta (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me at Twilight - Godaan di Senja Hari (2010)

I liked Poppy...but only when she wasn't with Harry. I found him intriguing in the beginning and thought it was an interesting start...but I ended up hating him for like 80-90% of the novel since no matter what, I just couldn't see what there was to like able him. I tried--I did!--but there was...

Tempt Me at Twilight - Godaan di Senja Hari (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

Tentación al anochecer (2011)

The story of Harry and Poppy is the story of a hotelier and entrepreneur who falls for a girl who was raised unconventionally. Poppy, while naive, is well educated and well versed in machines, history, philosophy, etc. I have read this story before and it didn't hold any interest for me. The o...

Tentación al anochecer (2011) by Lisa Kleypas

Married By Morning (2010)

Deliciously wicked!!! Not worth the read. Nothing special. No memorable characters or unique plot-lines.

Married By Morning (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

Dream Lake (2012)

This is a typical romance novel, with just a touch of a supernatural love story thrown in. Zoe is a beautiful cook/baker who expresses her affection through her culinary creations. Alex is a rugged carpenter who believes he is a bad boy, immune against love and tenderness. Both are divorced. They...

Dream Lake (2012) by Lisa Kleypas

A Wallflower Christmas (2008)

Rafe Bowman is here for his arranged marriage to Lady Natalie Blanford but before meeting her, the Wallflowers decide to have her companion, Hannah Appleton meet him and determine if they are compatible. What follows is a delightful story about Rafe's struggles to learn the ways of the ton and h...

A Wallflower Christmas (2008) by Lisa Kleypas

Seduce Me at Sunrise (2008)

This book is EVERYTHING. I read this book a long time ago but still remember how much I loved it. I enjoyed the entire Hathaway series but could not wait for Win and Merripen to get together. There story is AWESOME! I enjoyed watching Win move past her illness and decide to live her life full...

Seduce Me at Sunrise (2008) by Lisa Kleypas

Esposa por la mañana (2011)

2014 Reading Challange'ımı Hathawaylerle açıp Hathawaylerle kapatıyorum sanırım.Çok güzel bir kitaptı. Gerek çeviri, edit, kapak olsun; gerek kurgu, karakterlerin derinliği, duygu aktarımı olsun çok başarılıydı bence. Çok beğendim. 2014 yılı da benim için bir best olmasa da güzel bir seneydi. Bun...

Esposa por la mañana (2011) by Lisa Kleypas

El lago de los sueños (2012)

I had read Rainshadow Road by the same author and saw this book. Plus it was 3.99 at Barnes and Nobel! It has some of the same characters as the other one. But..instead of being a sequel it actually happens at the same time as the other one but from another character's point of view. So the re...

El lago de los sueños (2012) by Lisa Kleypas

A Wallflower Christmas - Perayaan Cinta di Pengujung Tahun (2009)

Lillian and Daisy's brother, Rafe Bowman, has arrived from America to make a match with the very beautiful Natalie Blandford. His sisters arrange a meeting with Miss Blandford's companion, Hannah Appleton, in order to learn more about Natalie. Rafe and Hannah strike sparks off of each other right...

A Wallflower Christmas - Perayaan Cinta di Pengujung Tahun (2009) by Lisa Kleypas

Tentação Perfeita (2014)

Stranamente il protagonista dell’ultimo romanzo delle zitelle non è una donna, ma un uomo, Rafe Bowman. Fratello scapestrato di Lillian e Daisy Bowman. Anche lui è in Inghilterra per impalare niente poco di meno che Lady Nathalie Blandford. Non essendo particolarmente interessato a chi sposerà, R...

Tentação Perfeita (2014) by Lisa Kleypas

Crystal Cove (2013)

I find the progression of this Friday Harbor series fascinating. What started in book one as a sweet, relatively tame romance with nary a hint of the supernatural has, by this fourth volume, turned into a full-fledged paranormal romance with some serious SPICE. Setting these books side-by-side, t...

Crystal Cove (2013) by Lisa Kleypas

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Rayuan Di Pagi Hari (2010)

4 1/2 Stars!!!I KNEW I would devour this story. When I was introduced to Merripen and Win in the first book I already felt a connection and became invested in their story! And I was right. I LOVED it. I REALLy loved these characters. I love a tortured and brooding male with inner emotional turmoi...

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Rayuan Di Pagi Hari (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

Seducción al amanecer (2010)

I really disliked this book. Win is really kind and sweet, but her love interest, Kev, was such a dolt. I found him utterly unlikeable and felt that she deserved so much better than him. He is rude and a brute who bullies people around my physical force. He growls like an animal to scare peopl...

Seducción al amanecer (2010) by Lisa Kleypas

A Historical Christmas Present (2008)

Three previously published historical Christmas novellas set in Georgian England, 12th century England, and frontier Arizona are collected here. I liked Lisa Kleypas' story best. A dissolute Lord who has been leading her brother to ruin proposes a plot to get back into his father's will in exchan...

A Historical Christmas Present (2008) by Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy (2007)

Reread in preparation for Brown-Eyed GirlThis is a review after the fourth reread, so it's not really worth the title of a review, but of some, or rather many, thoughts about the novel. And this reads much better if you've read the novel already, which leads again to the unworthiness as a review....

Sugar Daddy (2007) by Lisa Kleypas

Where Dreams Begin (2013)

Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Lately, I've allowed myself to become distracted from some of my favorite authors, so it has been quite a while since I've read a Lisa Kleypas novel. Where Dreams Begin has been on my TBR pile for nearly two years, and I believe that was due in part to it rarel...

Where Dreams Begin (2013) by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of a Summer Night (2006)

Written April 5, 20154 Stars - Charming, steamy and much chuckling fun. These determined 'Wallflowers' are women to admireYet another amusing 'Wallflowers' HR as audiobook (11 hrs) narrated by always excellent Rosalyn Landor. (You get this one for just $7 incl. the e-book / kindle at Amazon right...

Secrets of a Summer Night (2006) by Lisa Kleypas

Suddenly You (2006)

Fan-tas-tic! One of the best Kleypas' I've read. Why have I waited so long to read this book?Spinster novelist Amanda Briars doesn't want to celebrate her 30th birthday as a virgin, so she decides to hire the services of Mrs. Gemma Bradshaw, a well-established madam (whom anyone who's read Worth ...

Suddenly You (2006) by Lisa Kleypas

Devil in Winter (2006)

What a truly beautiful, romantic book, with so many sigh-worthy moments, so many humorous moments, lots of wickedly sexy dialogue...and featuring some very satisfying emotional growth from both the hero and heroine. I've always loved the stammering, shy, yet beautiful red-headed 'Wallflower' cha...

Devil in Winter (2006) by Lisa Kleypas

Worth Any Price (2015)

4.75*Worth Any Price is the 3rd and final installment to the Bow Street Runner series, and it is by far one of the better books that Kleypas has written. We have our villain from Lady Sophia's Lover, Nick Gentry, working respectfully for Bow Street and taking commissions on the side for additiona...

Worth Any Price (2015) by Lisa Kleypas

Then Came You (2015)

"Damn, damn...there it goes, the frigging thing!"A few months ago one of my groups (Bodice Ripper Readers Anonymous) started a thread called "First line of the book you are reading", and this line was one of them. I was hooked as soon as I saw it -- I possess a well-practiced and finely honed ...

Then Came You (2015) by Lisa Kleypas

Somewhere I'll Find You (1996)

First in the Capital Theatre historical romance series revolving around Scott Logan's theatre. The couple focus is on Damon, Lord Savage, and his never-met wife, Julia Hargate. My Take What a load of crap! Kleypas uses the flimsiest pretext for her conflict between the never-met husband and wife....

Somewhere I'll Find You (1996) by Lisa Kleypas

Dreaming of You (2015)

I read Dreaming of You before reading the prequel Then Came You. Is mentioned that our hero Derek Craven is a strong supporting character in the previous book. The hero and heroine from Then Came You, Alex and Lily played a large role here and they both appear so lovey dovey. Maybe I will check o...

Dreaming of You (2015) by Lisa Kleypas

It Happened One Autumn (2005)

Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" It Happened One Autumn was another great book in the Wallflowers series. As with the first book of the series though, it got off to a somewhat slow start for me. The first half or so of the book is primarily character driven relying heavily on internal conflict...

It Happened One Autumn (2005) by Lisa Kleypas

Stranger in My Arms (2011)

Caution:- This is going to be a long review despite the fact that this is a romance novel and I usually don't write long reviews for romance novels.A year ago I had discovered Lisa Kleypas when I got my hands on the Blue-Eyed Devil. A book which did not capture my imagination right at the onset b...

Stranger in My Arms (2011) by Lisa Kleypas

Someone to Watch Over Me (1999)

Mirip cerita Until You nya JM...mungkin memang karena cerita tentang amnesia masih sangat menarik dan tidak banyak di angkat di HR.Di angkat dari sungai Thames yg dingin pada suatu malam, seorang gadis yg oleh Grant Morgan (detektif Bow Street Runners) sebagai Vivien, prostitute kelas atas yg p...

Someone to Watch Over Me (1999) by Lisa Kleypas

Again the Magic (2015)

FIVE STARS!!!Lisa Kleypas is simply a master Historical Romance writer!!If you've read her, then you know what I mean. If you haven't, DO IT NOW!!! You're missing out on some of the most heartfelt, swoony, so-romantic-your-eyes-fill-with-tears stories. Seriously, I teared up at least three tim...

Again the Magic (2015) by Lisa Kleypas

Mine Till Midnight (2007)

I hadn't read any Kleypas for a while when I started reading this book. It reminded me of how effective and seductive Kleypas is as a writer. She really does write a beautiful love story. Her stories are dreamy and elegant, full of imagery that draws me into the story and out of my everyday exist...

Mine Till Midnight (2007) by Lisa Kleypas

Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995)

Fancy Free by Catherine AndersonSetting: Shady Corners: streets, church, ranch outside of townTheme: falling in love; overcoming self doubtsCharacters:Clint Rafferty: 27 years old; mother died 6 years ago; alcoholic father died 5 years ago; they lost that farm, and moved to homestead – he has car...

Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995) by Lisa Kleypas

Blue-Eyed Devil (2008)

Originally reviewed here @ AngievilleSometimes you come full circle with a certain author. My very first Lisa Kleypas novel was actually Sugar Daddy, the first book in the Travis Family trilogy. And I enjoyed it for the most part. But I started to grow fatigued near the end with all of the Texas ...

Blue-Eyed Devil (2008) by Lisa Kleypas

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