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Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann
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Books by Lisa McMann


Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010)

fade was a bit better than the first book but I don't get how she's always leaving her mom letting her be a drunk etc her and cable relationship is like child's play it's obvious that he has abandonment issues and Janie is having a issue with her sleeping dream powers and she feels alone in the ...

Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010) by Lisa McMann

Teme (2010)

This is so much better than the first book! It's just really addicting to read. I especially adore Janie and Cabel's scenes. :)As much as I want to read more about Janie and Cabel's relationship and Janie's ability, a lot of people says it's better to stop in this 2nd book because the last one is...

Teme (2010) by Lisa McMann

Tükeniş (2011)

So after reading Wake I was a bit hesitant to pick this book up. Now I wouldn't say it was horrible, but it wasn't my favorite. The plot was super interesting, but I feel like there isn't any depth to the characters; Like I'm not attached to Janie or Cabel. Other than that, the story was great! S...

Tükeniş (2011) by Lisa McMann

Vstříc temnotě (2012)

I literally cannot fathom how people gave this book 4 or 5 stars.She used, no words.The book was written in dot points.No emotion.No description.Somewhat like this review. I get that books should be fast paced but there is a difference between necessary description and no description. Also I hate...

Vstříc temnotě (2012) by Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds (2011)

I was disappointed in this story. I love other books by this author but this one missed the mark. I found the pacing to be slow. But my biggest issue was that the main character, Alex, seemed to be devoid of any personality. It was hard to root for him because he was the least interesting of a...

The Unwanteds (2011) by Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross (2011)

I started buying McMann books for my library, and perhaps many of my readers will be too young to appreciate them. This one is so singularly creepy, and it takes a lot of patience to keep involved if you are a younger teen. One of my students started it, but didn't like it. I had to read it to...

Cryer's Cross (2011) by Lisa McMann

Dead to You (2012)

feel like the real rating I want to give this book is a 2.5. It was interesting enough, and I was curious enough to read to the end. Why I'm rating it down is because it was full of potential that I don't feel it reached. The voice was also not very male. There were very fun bits and times I laug...

Dead to You (2012) by Lisa McMann

Prokleté město (2013)

Cute little story about a small town girl Kendall, who lost her best friend Nico in unusual circumstances. The problem was that I wanted more!More OCD dialogue, not just the motions, I wanted to go deep into her brain and be consumed by her obsessions. I wanted the story to be darker, more twiste...

Prokleté město (2013) by Lisa McMann

Muerto para vosotros (2013)

predictable and disappointing Really, really liked until the end (if it can even be called an end) which was TERRIBLE!

Muerto para vosotros (2013) by Lisa McMann

Island of Fire (2013)

I have read the other two books priori to this one and Unwanteds: Island of Fire is definitely by far my favorite. I loved the parts in the book where you would be on the edge of your seat waiting to find out a HUUUUGE cliffhanger. And when they actually resolve the problem, it's in a spectacular...

Island of Fire (2013) by Lisa McMann

Island of Silence (2012)

Island of Silence is a story about a boy named Alex Stowe and his friends who go on many magical adventures to islands, with creatures of different kinds, and learning there skills of all sorts. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, action fantasy, and at the end of each chap...

Island of Silence (2012) by Lisa McMann

Infinity Ring Book 3: The Trap Door (2013)

Summary (*SPOILER ALERT*):Dak, Sera & Riq are time travelers, or Hystorians, that are time traveling to different eras to fix historical events that never should've happened. In this book, they are are in the 1800's to help the slaves and abolitionists win the war against slavery and stop slavery...

Infinity Ring Book 3: The Trap Door (2013) by Lisa McMann

O Alçapão (2014)

This is the third book in the Infinity Ring Series. Although it can be read a s a stand alone, it is much better read in order as part of the series. Dak, Sera, and Riq have use the Infinity Ring to travel through time and fix the breaks in history. They appear in the year 1850 during the time o...

O Alçapão (2014) by Lisa McMann

The Island of Fire (2013)

Love the Unwanted books but book 3 is left at a critical moment so there will obviously be a book 4 but it hasn't been written yet. I prefer to read a series after the entire series is out so I wish I would have know and waited to read this series. There were so many open ends that the author is ...

The Island of Fire (2013) by Lisa McMann

The Trap Door (2013)

The time travelers are back at it again. They are fixing the "breaks" in history through their own unique experiences. This one is my favorite so far because it is set in the US before the Civil War. The author really helps you experience how different our world is today than it was then. LIttle ...

The Trap Door (2013) by Lisa McMann

Cabel's Story (2010)

Intrigued to read Wake now... I always love reading the other main characters point of view! So this was great but too short!! :)

Cabel's Story (2010) by Lisa McMann

The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone (2011)

I was sooooo confused!In fact, my brain was so boggled, I quit halfway through the book :(Yes, I am slightly ashamed to admit this ^^^. But I was so frustrated, and annoyed with the characters. I kept waiting for some sort of plot or character development to occur, and it just DIDN'T. So I refuse...

The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone (2011) by Lisa McMann

Don't Close Your Eyes: Wake; Fade; Gone (2013)

Okay, how to start?? Oh I know let's start with the fact that the writing format just wasn't my cup of tea. I've seen some people like that. Okay, there are more ways than one to do something.I still can't get over how unique the idea is! I just hate the storyline. The whole being a dream catcher...

Don't Close Your Eyes: Wake; Fade; Gone (2013) by Lisa McMann

Island of Legends (2014)

Great book, really enjoyed it. Written with the originality of a classic. I was shocked for a few chapters and wasn't sure if I really liked the sudden change, but I came to my senses and I found the sudden twists an new characters cool and interesting. One thing though, the author Lisa Mcmann ma...

Island of Legends (2014) by Lisa McMann

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