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Luanne Rice

Luanne Rice
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Books by Luanne Rice


Geometry of Sisters (2009)

Terrible! I read this years ago, and because of it, I decided to never again read this author. It just seemed to drag on forever. I purchased it through a Double Day monthly book club, and I was horrified that it was a well-known author. Maybe it is because I have three sisters and a brother. M...

Geometry of Sisters (2009) by Luanne Rice

O Barco Encantado (2013)

Luanne Rice é daquelas escritoras que têm um ou outro livro engraçado (e engraçado não implica que seja necessariamente bom), mas, no cômputo geral, as suas obras são maçadoras. Algo de masoquista em mim fez com que quisesse ler este livro, mesmo sabendo que outras obras dela não me fascinaram.Aq...

O Barco Encantado (2013) by Luanne Rice

The Silver Boat (2011)

I had a hard time getting into this book for the first approx. 20 pages, but then the story really started to move and I was really enjoying it. I would have rated it much higher but I was very disappointed in how she ended the story. I wasn't happy with the sister's choices and there were too ...

The Silver Boat (2011) by Luanne Rice

O Verão das Nossas Vidas (2010)

What this novel lacks in an attention grabbing storyline, it makes up for in its' beautiful descriptions of the landscape and people of Capri. Luanne Rice writes well...she definitely makes me consider pulling a Lyra and escaping from all responsibilities to a beautiful island where I could gard...

O Verão das Nossas Vidas (2010) by Luanne Rice

The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners the Deep Blue Sea for Beginners (2009)

Das Cover des Buches hat mich gleich angesprochen, es sieht so nach Sonne, Meer und Urlaub aus. Das hat mich gleich angesprochen und ich fand die Inhaltszusammenfassung einfach ansprechend und wollte es gleich lesen. Nachdem der Vater der 16-jährige Pell und ihre 14-jährige Schwester Lucy verstor...

The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners the Deep Blue Sea for Beginners (2009) by Luanne Rice

Die azurblaue Insel (2014)

Pelo que pude aprender dos dois livros que já li desta autora, Luanna Rice gosta de escrever sobre famílias e redenção. Nem sempre a história se sucede como queríamos, nem sempre o fim é como desejamos, mas haverá sempre uma família reconciliada no fim. E é o que acontece com este livro. Temos du...

Die azurblaue Insel (2014) by Luanne Rice

Segredos de Paris (2012)

Have you ever finished reading a book and wanted to start over again right away, not because it was good? That’s how I felt after reading Secrets of Paris, by Luanne Rice. Usually while reading a book I identify with at least one character and this keeps me interested, even if the plot is dull. F...

Segredos de Paris (2012) by Luanne Rice

Secrets of Paris (2011)

Just having the word Paris in the title of this book grabbed my attention. After reading a short synopsis, I requested it through the Goodreads giveaway program. I love reading novels set in France and Italy so, I felt fortunate to be the recipient of this book – free of charge!Secrets of Paris i...

Secrets of Paris (2011) by Luanne Rice

Beach Girls (2004)

Great book, as always. It's a sad state of affairs when all the Luanne Rice books in this apartment belong to me, not my wife, lol. ++SPOILER ALERT++ I loved Stevie & Nell. Their relationship was so special. I had a very difficult time feeling anything but disdain & rage at Jack & Emma. I saw Em...

Beach Girls (2004) by Luanne Rice

Dream Country (2002)

Many years ago, having just gotten out of college, jewelry maker Daisy Tucker had traveled to the wilderness of the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming in search of inspiration to fuel her art. What she had found was rancher James Tucker, a man with the wilderness inside him. Their life together was ...

Dream Country (2002) by Luanne Rice

Follow the Stars Home (2001)

This is not my favorite Luanne Rice book, but it's lovely and made me cry (as usual) because of the characters' strong love for each other. It revolves around an unusual family where one brother married the girl, got her pregnant, but took off when the baby was born defective. Dianne then conti...

Follow the Stars Home (2001) by Luanne Rice

Angels All Over Town (2007)

This is Luanne Rice's first novel. I have always wanted to read her first book and am thrilled to finally have read it. I have read mixed reviews from others, but from my perspective, I just thought it was a wonderful read regarding one period in three sister's lives. In the 80's I loved Soap Ope...

Angels All Over Town (2007) by Luanne Rice

Summer Light (2002)

I actually wanted to give this book three stars, because I didn't like how angry the hero was most of the time... but the truth of the matter is, he acted exactly like a guy would. And the book hooked me. I mean, really hooked me. In spite of the fact that there was a lot wrong with it.May is ...

Summer Light (2002) by Luanne Rice

The Perfect Summer (2003)

The summer begins with a problem, a child not picked up from an after school activity. Things rapidly get worse. A missing spouse, shocking aligations arise and culminate in a nail-biting finale.Bay is a woman who lives a simple life. She loves her kids, the sea, her garden and her best friend, T...

The Perfect Summer (2003) by Luanne Rice

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