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Marie Lu

Marie Lu
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Books by Marie Lu


Prodigy (2013)

Most second books of trilogies are the same; most a build up for the last book. This was definitely that. While Legend had everything I loved about YA, this was like a daunting CW TV drama. I mean I love CW shows but gosh the amount of drama in this is a bit putting off. And while I admired all o...

Prodigy (2013) by Marie Lu

Berstende Sterne (2014)

Wow,Champion is absolutely BREATHTAKING. I LOVED the first two books, and I was definitely NOT disappointed by this one. It was written so well, full of action and suspense, woven with beautiful heartbreaking stories of love, and a continuous page-turner. I loved being able to read from specifica...

Berstende Sterne (2014) by Marie Lu

Champion (2013)

If there's one thing I hated on this trilogy's ending novel, it's how it made my emotions go haywire. 20% of time, I shed a tear or two while following the lives of Day and June. The rest of the time was just an utter chaos of emotions. Ugh. Nevertheless, much as I hated how it manipulated my emo...

Champion (2013) by Marie Lu

The Young Elites (2014)

Actual Review: 4.5 StarsI loved Marie Lu's Legend series, but I was a little wary about this new series centered around a villain!Excuse me while I laugh at my past self. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAMINATA. THIS IS MARIE LU WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING!I found the story started off ...

The Young Elites (2014) by Marie Lu

Life Before Legend (2013)

If you enjoyed the Legend trilogy, then these two short stories are a must read! It brought back all the emotions from reading Legend, Prodigy, and Champion, but in a very sweet and innocent way, since Day and June haven't met yet. After reading Life Before Legend, I really wanted to re-read the ...

Life Before Legend (2013) by Marie Lu

Legend – Schwelender Sturm (2013)

This book is the second on in the series. It is pretty great. I think that Marie Lu did a great job in keeping the interest of the readers by starting directly where she left off. I feel as though sometimes authors don't do that and it makes it hard for me to want to read their works any more.Pro...

Legend – Schwelender Sturm (2013) by Marie Lu

The Legend Trilogy Collection (2013)

The Legend trilogy....first impression from chapter one - intrigued...i wondered what kind of world they live in and how it could possibly be rectified at the end as is the norm with dystopians. It did not disappoint...a lot of fast paced action...interesting world building and a bit 'overpowered...

The Legend Trilogy Collection (2013) by Marie Lu

Legend Trilogy Boxed Set (2013)

Review in PortugueseLegend é uma trilogia que me surpreendeu positivamente.Apesar das suas paginas cheias de acção (coisa que não costumo apreciar em livros)acabei esta distopia com um sentimento de satisfação.Dos 3 livros, Legend (o primeiro) é de longe o meu favorito por se focar mais na constr...

Legend Trilogy Boxed Set (2013) by Marie Lu

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