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Marion Chesney

Marion Chesney
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Books by Marion Chesney


Hasty Death (2005)

Lady Rose is bored with her society life. Her parents want to pack her off to India but luckily for Rose, Henry Cathcart suggests she be allowed to go out to work as she wishes. He arranges everything for Rose and Daisy to become typists for a merchant baker. Rose dislikes the make work she's giv...

Hasty Death (2005) by Marion Chesney

Henrietta (2005)

Twenty-six year old Henrietta Sandford is the unmarried sister of a country vicar. Her brother takes every opportunity to remind her how much she owes him and to bully Henrietta. Henrietta falls instantly in love with Lord Reckford, a handsome Corinthian when he visits a country assembly and pays...

Henrietta (2005) by Marion Chesney

The Westerby Inheritance (1982)

1751 p 79 London. Lady Jane Lovelace 17 p 102, miniscule elfin 5', in rags, wants back the Westerby estate her alcoholic father "one of the most self-centred men in England, with or without his wits" p 249 lost to card cheat cousin James Bentley. Her godmother Lady Harriet Comfrey 65 talks mainly...

The Westerby Inheritance (1982) by Marion Chesney

Daisy (1990)

Daisy Jenkins discovers that she is really The Honourable Daisy Chatterton after her aunt who has brought her up dies. She is sent to stay with the Earl and Countess of Nottenstone but soon finds that mixing in high society is not as easy as it appears especially when everyone seems to delight in...

Daisy (1990) by Marion Chesney

The Sins of Lady Dacey (Regency Royal, #15) (1994)

Honoria Goodham is invited to London for the season by her aunt, Clarissa Dacey. She travels to London with the vicar’s wife, Pamela and together they settle down in Clarissa’s house after an eventful trip which includes the carriage breaking down outside the Duke of Ware’s house. Honoria and Pam...

The Sins of Lady Dacey (Regency Royal, #15) (1994) by Marion Chesney

Diana the Huntress (1985)

Diana is the 5th of the six sisters and wants nothing to do with men other than to be one. She loves to ride and hunt and has her father's permission to hunt with the pack as long as she dresses like a man. Unfortunately, her father's friend, Squire Radford, discovers her disguise and lectures th...

Diana the Huntress (1985) by Marion Chesney

The Desirable Duchess (Regency Royal, #14) (1993)

In a nutshell: Alice is in love with Sir Gerald. Her parents orchestrate a break-up and marry her off to the new peer in town, the Duke of Farrant. A talking bird starts off the controversy. Misunderstandings and general nuttiness ensue.My opinion: Quite an amusing read...the first time. It's sti...

The Desirable Duchess (Regency Royal, #14) (1993) by Marion Chesney

My Dear Duchess (Regency Royal, #6) (1987)

So many misunderstandings and the hero seemed determined to believe the worst of the heroine if he could. When he claimed to be in love at the end it was far too little too late. Contrasted with the hero in Miss Fiona's Fancy--excellent book, the hero in this book just came across as a jerk. Admi...

My Dear Duchess (Regency Royal, #6) (1987) by Marion Chesney

Enlightening Delilah (1990)

I read this after the first in the series but I didn't seem to miss anything that I didn't already know by skipping the second. Once again the Tribbles must come to the rescue of an exasperated parent. Squire Wraxall's daughter Delilah, still unmarried at the advanced age of three and twenty, has...

Enlightening Delilah (1990) by Marion Chesney

Snobbery With Violence (2004)

Captain Harry Cathcart returns to England from the Boer wars as taciturn man. The younger son of a Baron, he used to be happy-go lucky, but the war changed him. Now he is home, aimless and poor. Until his name is given to the Earl of Hadshire as someone who could help him with a problem. The r...

Snobbery With Violence (2004) by Marion Chesney

Kitty (1979)

I really enjoyed this book. It's a short and sweet little treat that can easily be read in one sitting. It's the story of Kitty, a very naive young thing, who has a decidedly middle-class upbringing but learns upon her father's death that she is very rich indeed. Her mother--who had always been s...

Kitty (1979) by Marion Chesney

The Constant Companion (1987)

I'm usually a fan of Marion Chesney books but this one left me a little disappointed. I read her books only for light reading as they are usually mostly fluff. But they're usually good fluff. This I'm not crazy about the whole "fall in love at first sight" style when it's also combined ...

The Constant Companion (1987) by Marion Chesney

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