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Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White
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Books by Randy Wayne White


Chasing Midnight (2012)

This book could have used a little editing as far as details are concerned. The whole island was supposed to be without power due to a jamming device, so that there was no electricity of any kind, nor phones or computers, yet at one point the protagonist is blinded by a spotlight? And at one p...

Chasing Midnight (2012) by Randy Wayne White

Hunter's Moon (2007)

Piece of shit. Why?•tHe consistently describes places and things like this: “Panama is among the most beautiful countries in the world. This was the most beautiful section of Panama.” WTF•tHhe loves using superlatives.•tAll of the following occurs within the first 4 pages: “there was a chance I’d...

Hunter's Moon (2007) by Randy Wayne White

Dead of Night (2006)

Stayed up until 4am to finish this book, not because it was great but because it was so dry, I worried that if I stopped, I might not get motivated to pick it up again. The summary on the jacket seems interesting enough, in that a biologist, Doc Ford, is asked to meet with a fellow biologist who ...

Dead of Night (2006) by Randy Wayne White

Shark River (2002)

Doc Ford is a Marine Biologist working/vacationing on Guava Key. He has been noticing to women pass his house every day regular as clock work and today the same. He takes off on his daily run when he see the women at their usual stopping place at the end of a pier where they stop to watch the sun...

Shark River (2002) by Randy Wayne White

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