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Robert Stone

Robert  Stone
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Books by Robert Stone


The Stories of Paul Bowles (2006)

I came to this collection the way I recently came to reading The Sheltering Sky; years of occasional recommendation and rare instances of picking up a book by Paul or Jane Bowles, reading a passage, and putting it back. A couple of years ago I arrived in San Francisco and every so often stayed on...

The Stories of Paul Bowles (2006) by Robert  Stone

Bay of Souls (2004)

In his eighth novel, novelist Robert Stone revisits familiar ground via similar characters, themes and settings. As with protagonists from earlier novels, Michael Ahearn, a teacher at a small Midwestern college, is a dissatisfied academic—a half-man, compartmentalized and walled off from hope, sl...

Bay of Souls (2004) by Robert  Stone

A Flag For Sunrise (1998)

“A Flag for Sunrise” is less a novel than an existential exercise in meaning, sacrifice, and cosmic collisions. Set in a fictionalized Nicaragua, the novel simmers over a flame of political intrigue, religious desperation, and maniacal selfishness, until it explodes at the end as all these strand...

A Flag For Sunrise (1998) by Robert  Stone

Outerbridge Reach (1999)

This is one of my favorite novels of any kind. It brings together everything I like about Robert Stone: characters with great potential and terrible flaws, a variety of approaches to love, a strong feeling for place and for different kinds of work, physical danger described in unusual poetic term...

Outerbridge Reach (1999) by Robert  Stone

Dog Soldiers (1997)

A few weeks ago I happened to catch the 1978 adaptation of this novel, Who'll Stop the Rain, starring Nick Nolte when he was only, like, 36 instead of 902. The movie made me nostalgic for Robert Stone's original novel, so I found a first edition online for amazingly cheap and re-devoured it in a ...

Dog Soldiers (1997) by Robert  Stone

Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties (2007)

Two things that will color my review of this:1. I'm convinced I was born in the wrong decade. I am completely addicted to and fascinated by the '60s and '70s, to the point where it actually grieves me that I didn't live through them.2. Within the first 10 pages, I knew that Robert Stone is the ki...

Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties (2007) by Robert  Stone

Children Of Light (1999)

Geez, dude. This thing was . . . I mean don't let the pink cover trick you. Some serious intensity here. I'm fully in love with this guy Stone. COL concerns a Hollywood production in Mexico, and basically revolves around the screenwriter (a serious coke-head) coming together with the star (who's ...

Children Of Light (1999) by Robert  Stone

Damascus Gate (1999)

Damascus Gate is an unusual great novel because the constellation of characters who variously serve as its protagonists are comparatively uncompelling individual actors. The desultory freelance journalist Christopher Lucas; the half-Jewish, half-black, Communist true-believer and jazz singer Son...

Damascus Gate (1999) by Robert  Stone

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