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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry
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Books by Stephen Fry


The Fry Chronicles (2010)

Stephen Fry is more well known in this country as the comedy/writing partner of Hugh Laurie, and I have to admit, until the advent of "House" and Hugh Laurie's massive popularity here, I knew very little about him. I realize how unfortunate that is, particularly after reading this book. Stephen...

The Fry Chronicles (2010) by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry in America (2008)

An entertaining and humorous account of one very British man's quest to visit all 50 states. Fry doesn't hold back one bit, and his superciliousness can be a little trying at times, but he owns his statements. The fish out of water element is strong here, and entertaining. And Fry's transformatio...

Stephen Fry in America (2008) by Stephen Fry

More Fool Me (2014)

I adore Stephen Fry and therefore feel unable to rate this book any less than 5. Anyone who is not already a fan could possibly get a bit bored in the last third of the book as it turns to his diary from the period, but I have really enjoyed it and not felt the urge to read it all in one sitting ...

More Fool Me (2014) by Stephen Fry

The Book of General Ignorance (2007)

Сознаюсь, я большой поклонник интеллектуальных игр... Самая любимая передача - "Что? Где? Когда". Но... Все задаваемые в ЧГК вопросы можно разделить на несколько категорий. Самая любимая моя категория - вопросы "на размышление". Когда изначально даны все (или почти все) условия задачки, и надо л...

The Book of General Ignorance (2007) by Stephen Fry

The Hippopotamus (2004)

In this novel, as in everything else he touches, Stephen Fry alternately entertains, amuses, provokes and alarms, and I found the novel to be part silly, part thought-provoking, part brilliant.We follow Ted Wallace, a 60-something has-been journalist-cum-poet, who is outwardly and verbally a cyni...

The Hippopotamus (2004) by Stephen Fry

Making History (2004)

So you invent a time machine, and what’s the first thing you do? You go back in time and kill Hitler, of course! Except you can’t (TVTropes), because either it doesn’t work or it screws up the timeline even more. Thus resolving one of the burning questions surrounding time travel: if it’s possibl...

Making History (2004) by Stephen Fry

The Liar (2004)

Stephen Fry should stick to acting. The Liar is a valiant effort, and it is clear Fry is well versed in 'significant' english literary tropes...but this is far from making him a good writer. The construction of the story is as sickeningly 'clever' as the main character but ultimately also just ...

The Liar (2004) by Stephen Fry

The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (2006)

This is an admirably unpretentious introduction to the formal art of poesy. Before picking up this book I had no idea that Stephen Fry (who is quite possibly the most affable tv persona in the history of the bright tube) wrote or even was an aficionado of the art form. What was even more surprisi...

The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (2006) by Stephen Fry

Moab Is My Washpot (2003)

To Myself: Not To Be Read Until I Am Twenty-FiveI know what you will think when you read this. You will be embarrassed. You will scoff and sneer. Well I tell you now that everything I feel now, everything I am now is truer and better than anything I shall ever be.Ever. This is me now, the real m...

Moab Is My Washpot (2003) by Stephen Fry

Revenge (aka The Stars’ Tennis Balls) (2003)

When Alexandre Dumas wrote The Count of Monte Cristo in 1844, he almost certainly did not have thirteen-year-old American boys in mind as his prime audience. But when I first read the classic in the summer of 1963, I knew for certain that I, too, was living the horror of Edmond Dantes life. Dan...

Revenge (aka The Stars’ Tennis Balls) (2003) by Stephen Fry

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