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فهرنهايت 451 (2013)

فهرنهايت 451 (2013)

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About book فهرنهايت 451 (2013)

Tim Robbins gave an excellent narration of this "classic" work of dystopian fiction, bringing even more life to Bradbury's powerful and poetic prose. While the premise of the dystopian society is a bit weak (an explanation is provided about why books are banned, but the specifics are still pretty vague), the metaphorical significance was not lost on me. 451 is a poignant statement on the American obsession with "happiness" (understood as the absence of conflict) and our preoccupation with technology. Considering that Bradbury wrote this over 60 years ago, it is quite prophetic, especially regarding the constant "noise" that characterizes our media-saturated lives. Still hugely relevant. "There is more than one way to burn a book." I love Ray Bradbury's prose and his visual metaphors. I hesitated reading more Bradbury after Something Wicked... underwhelmed me, but this is pure prophetic genius. I'm going to pick up The Martian Chronicles as soon as possible. Check out some of his speeches and interviews on the Youtube machine. The man is one of the best evangelists of books and libraries I've ever heard. It's a shame he's not still around. We could certainly use his energy now.

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Thought provoking. Especially in the age of such large percentage of Video game and computer usage.

some parts confusing but over all a good story to read, and even re read again

Muy bueno. Corto pero preciso.

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