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[ NOBODY ] BY Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (2013)

[ NOBODY ] BY Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (2013)
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[ NOBODY ] BY Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (...
[ NOBODY ] BY Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (2013)

About book: This book had a large number of in-depth descriptions bringing the story to life in my mind. Since I thought it was so great, I could not believe it when I learned there was no sequel. Even when certain events started to look insignificant, I had to make sure I was paying attention because Barnes threw things into this book that made each scene great. When I read it I thought some of the ideas in the book would be fun experiences to live alongside. It would be awesome yet sometimes disastrous having Nobodies. Jennifer Lynn Barnes specializes in the ludicrously brilliant twist on tired genre stories. Sure, her characters have powers or supernatural enemies or government conspiracies after them - but more importantly, they can be the vessels for clever commentary on what it's actually like to be young, while inverting many of the traditional stories that we're accustomed to seeing on YA shelves. In this book, our heroes are teenagers who are literally invisible to others - just like you felt when you were 15 except, well, exactly like you felt when you were 15, except they are part of an evil experiment to create unstoppable killers. Actually impossible to put down, it is about as purely entertaining as it gets (even if it does get a bit goofy in the romance department - but it's goopiness is well earned). Highly recommended.
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The girl did not appeal to me as the guy did. I guess that's normal since I'm a girl -_-
Really 3.5 still prefer her Naturals series to this one.
Actual rating: 3.5 stars
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