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1, 2, Buckle My Shoe (2008)

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe (2008)
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1, 2, Buckle My Shoe (2008)
1, 2, Buckle My Shoe (2008)

About book: Grade/interest level: Early childhood, PreschoolReading level: No level availableGenre: Picture Book, PoetryMain Characters: No charactersSetting: No settingPOV: 3rd person narration This book is a counting book perfect for a preschool audience. The book allows a visual representation of the classic 1 2 buckle my shoe nursery rhyme. Also, because the next verse is so predictable or can be told using the pictures in the book, young prereaders can begin making associations to printed text as well as learn how to count. This book is different because all of the artwork in the book is done through a quilt and each page is a piece of the quilt. It is unique in that aspect. I would use this book in a preschool classroom not only to promote number sense and counting but also as an introduction to printed words. Because the story is so predictable, children can verbalize what is happening in the story and will be able to begin forming ideas of the way words look and associating them with sound. This unique counting book has applique-type art with rickrack and other fun, colorful fabric treatments. The numerals are accompanied by colorful buttons (1 button next to the number 1, two buttons next to 2, and so on.) And the little girl applique'd on some pages has a remarkably expressive face for simple stitching.Highly colorful art with familiar objects plus a simple, well-known rhyme make this a great book for learning to count and for toddler & preschool programs.
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Puts pictures with the classic rhyme. Nice, but nothing outstanding.
The classic nursery rhyme illustrated with quilt and needlework.
Very pretty and unique.
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