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100 Quotations To Make You Think! (2010)

100 Quotations to Make You Think! (2010)
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Wolfgang Riebe, via Smashwords
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100 Quotations To Make You Think! (2010)
100 Quotations To Make You Think! (2010)

About book: The book is exactly what it says it is, one hundred quotes to make you think. I admit I didn't count them but I will take the authors word on it. I thought the quotes themselves were a mixed bag; some were funny, others weren't, some I would even use myself (for my scrapbook pages or a card for inspiration), others didn't even make sense to me. I couldn't figure out a situation where someone would even say something like that for it to be a quote in the first place.For the most part I didn't think the quotes were all bad. I would recommend it for someone who wanted to have something to ponder and pass the time. This is bought thought provoking and funny. It is amusing, as well as serious. It is a no-brainer, but a thinking book. One minute I'm flying through it, the next minute, I'm caught by a quote and thinking on it all day long. I love how this book makes me feel about it. I'm mesmerized! I can pick it up when I want to just read something light, and when I want to read something that makes me think...all wrapped into one neatly put together package. LOVE IT!
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I love these quotes. Defiantly a read when you are feeling down or in just in the mood to think.
I've already read most of these quotes before.
its fantastic...u've got to try this..thumbsup
It does make you think
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