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11 Birthdays - Audio Library Edition (2009)

11 Birthdays - Audio Library Edition (2009)
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0545202787 (ISBN13: 9780545202787)
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11 Birthdays - Audio Library Edition ...
11 Birthdays - Audio Library Edition (2009)

About book: One of the best books I ever read. When Angelina D'Angelo was rushing through the halls of the Birthing Center stopping right in front of the nursery window to look at the newborn babies in the room. When their parents came they were exchanging stories. The Fitzpatrick told the Ellerby that they are naming their son after his great grandfather. The Ellerby explain that they are naming their daughter after her great grandmother. While an "uneasy feeling", like they were remembering something out of a story book someone read to them when they were little. Angelina predicts that they will be best of friends and makes them promise they will celebrate this day together every year. Even though they had promised, both the Ellerby and the Fitzpatrick walked away believing they would never see each other again. I really liked 11 birthdays by Wendy Mass because it reminded me about how I used to be friends with a boy, then we got into a big argument and kind of parted. I also understood how it feels to make up with someone you were upset with not that long ago. When I read this book I couldn't put it down because I had so many connections. I had a connection, but in a slightly different way. Instead of my world repeating itself in real life it kind of feels that it is not the same without your best bud. You and your friend may argue, but that's what makes a good friendship.
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This book is deffinately one of my favorites. I could not stop reading it once I started!
I liked it was really good and really fun to read.
whats the point if they don't kiss!!!!!!??????
it is really good and the end was awesome
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