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13 Gifts (2011)

13 Gifts (2011)
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0545310032 (ISBN13: 9780545310031)
Scholastic Press
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13 Gifts (2011)
13 Gifts (2011)

About book: ~First thing I have to say is, this is an amazing book. This is the 3rd book in the Willow Falls series. Tara is breaking the school rules by stealing a stuffed animal, a goat, the school mascot. While wielding a can of pepper spray,ps.not a good idea. For punishment, her parents send her to Willow Falls to stay with her relatives.......for more information read the book. I really recommend reading this book because it's funny, interesting,and has a lesson on helping friends and making friends. I was on the edge of my seat,and then fell of my seat. There is shocking moments when you are going to gasp, no kidding.You would possibly hum a show tune or two, or think, and laugh. Remember, "in Willow Falls, anything's possible,and nothing is as it seems". After reading 10 pages of 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass, I chose not to read it for my second book report. I chose to not read it for my book report because the beginning was really weird. Another reason I chose to not read this book was because I didn't understand why they had to steal a goat. Lastly, I thought that this would be a good book for others but not for me. Because of these reasons, I rated the book 3 stars. However, this could change if I were to I read the book in its entirely.
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This was a fun mystery and filled with good friends.
I like the theme of the book
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