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3013: Mated (2013)

3013: Mated (2013)
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3013: Mated (2013)
3013: Mated (2013)

About book: Just an OK read for me and my first from Laurie Roma. It just felt like the story tried to be too many things. The aliens Xavier, Galan, Thorn and Bryden were not only super hot and tall but they were also dragon shifters with magic powers and telepathy...that's a bit much even for me. I'm usually not big on insta-love and this is a definite case. The writing was also not very good and quite repetitive. I did however enjoy the alone time each guy took with Alexis to "mark" her with their magic tattoos...kinda cool. A spectacular, erotic, adventure of love with sexy, dragon shifters and the one woman they have chosen as theirs for eternity. A futuristic look at life on earth and how humans have survived an apocolyptic invasion from an alien life form, but with the help of other beings from around the universe. Intersperse all of this with a little magic and you have one fab recipe for a wickedly sexy sci-fi adventure.
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I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book then I lost interest. Love the Dragon Warriors.
I really enjoyed this book - it was well written and the story was great
I liked it but would have liked a little more plot with my smut, lol.
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