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53 Letters For My Lover (2014)

53 Letters for My Lover (2014)

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About book 53 Letters For My Lover (2014)

No words to describe this book! It is so beautifully written... Powerful words, powerful emotions! This is a story that transcends time between two people... Troy and Shayda.... There are several obstacles they face.... Shayda is married. Shayda is loyal, but she is lonely and longs for that deep, passionate love. Due to her own husband's demons, he is unable to give that to her. She finds attraction, lust, friendship and ultimately love with Troy. There is so much that happens to this couple to keep them apart... Life. This author wrote this story so powerfully.... You can feel the emotions from these characters. Read it!!! 53 Letters for My Lover 4 stars. Cheating in books had never really bothered me. The cheating in this book didn't bother me, instead I was intrigued by it. I've known many marriages that lasted 3 decades or more but to know that love outside of a marriage could last that long just blew my mind. Shayda was born in Iran and in order to give her a better life she moved to Canada to live with her aunt. Her aunt arranges for Shayda to meet Hafez. Both are very young and really have no say so in the arranged marriage that is set up for them. So they're married, living with Hafez parents, struggling for a future, when Shayda finds a job with a realtor, Bob. Because of her job and Bobs family Shayda is introduced to Troy Heathgate. I don't want to give out any spoilers but I will tell you this. It took Shayda a long time to admit she had feelings for Troy. She loves her husband, Hafez, but she also loves Troy. She's human and humans make mistakes. There are many mistakes made by all the main characters in this book. But that's to be expected; everyone is so young when the book starts. When reading 53 Letters you won't a hate a single character. You won't root for one against the other. You will feel for Shayda and you will feel what she feels. You will know her hurt and her pain and her heart. I'm not going to reveal the ending of the book but you will see everything come full circle. You will enjoy this book immensely if you're not turned off by the cheating. Keep in mind it was an arranged marriage and not a marriage of love to begin. Review done for Stories and Swag

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AMAZING read. Like, crazy good. Review to come.

love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved this book!


4.5 stars

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