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7. Il Numero Maledetto (2012)

7. Il numero maledetto (2012)

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8854135763 (ISBN13: 9788854135765)
Newton Compton

About book 7. Il Numero Maledetto (2012)

This book was really great! A bit complicated in the beginning but once you read the whole book and figured out the storyline and plot (which can be a bit confusing) it's an amazing story. Really great hook in the beginning drawing me in and giving us a dramatic entrance. Overall very interesting and suspenseful book. I really loved how the author incorporated all the characters and kept us guessing until the end where he gave us the answers to our questions. Also I was really blown away by the main culprit/ villain in this story. It's someone who you would've never had guessed had you not read till the end of the book. All in all amazing book, good outline, dramatic events and scenes! Mary is a spoilt American princess who does as she pleases in her perfect life and doesn't mind using people along the way. Then her 17nth birthday comes and instead of the adoration she expects everything goes wrong and at the end of the night she is murdered. You then revisit her night, through the eyes of 7 of her friends in an attempt to find her killer and perhaps save her own life in the process.The Good:- Compelling, you don't want to put it down because you want to know who killed Mary.- Interesting, makes you think about you're own life and whether you use people in it.- Good cliffhanger regarding who the murder is.- The author makes it very easy for the reader to hate Mary.- Mary s realisations though exaggerated at some points are good because you see a change in her personality. - The description when Mary is in the hotel room about to be murdered and before that in the abandoned house is quite exceptional. It really leaves you hanging.The Bad:- To be honest it wasn't the best written book structure wise and plot wise. Though the structure could be ignored, the plot couldn't. This is true for many reason and this knocked quite a few points of what essentially is quite a brilliant idea;> In a lot of places the story became confusing and a little too scattered.> To be honest none of the 7 people reasons for killing her seem realistic. For example one of her friends does it because she stole her boyfriend. Now I don't know about you but that doesn't seem like a legitimate reason to kill what is supposedly her best friend of quite a few years.> The fact that her sister is intelligent enough to realise that she hates herself, intelligent and patient enough to figure out the curse but not intelligent and patient enough to get the last line right seems quite unrealistic to me.> Why Dylan is the one that changes his mind not the others and why Joon kills him, it all seems quite extreme and fake.- Before you even start reading the book you know that Mary is murdered so the fact that it takes about half the book for her to actually die is stupid and quite boring, the only reason I think most readers would hang on (the only reason I did as a matter of fact) is to find out who her killer was.So basically if that part was shorter, part two and three were a little longer it would have been a MUCH better read.- My final bad is also funnily enough a good, Mary's realisations after being each of her friends. Though refreshing it crossed the line and became stupid ad some points like with her boyfriend. How is her telling his mother that he is a heavy alcohol and drug abuser reason enough for him to agree to do what they do to her that day? Why on earth does she start to feel bad about telling his mum? If anything it is in his long term benefit.So to sum it up this book is - just like my rating said - ok. The idea is quite brilliant but the author quite simply did not know how to pull it through and do it. Would I recommend it though? If you have free time yea, but don't go out of you're way or anything.

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its the marry's 17 birthday and she woke up in a mattress store naked and hongover

A bit convoluted and strange, hard to follow at points.

It was a bit darker than I was expecting, but not bad.

Very interesting.


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