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A Arca (2011)

A Arca (2011)

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About book A Arca (2011)

A very good book, the first of Victoria Hislop's work that I have encountered. Although I have no knowledge of Greece or Greek history, I found this gripping, the stories of Katererina and Dmitri, and their families were enthralling, as war and disaster engulfed Europe, families were torn apart. This was very much a family saga, as well as a romance, a tale of love and loss, tragedy and redemption. I couldn't put it down and could hardly wait to see what happened next. A brilliant read and one I can recommend. Now looking for another book by Victoria Hislop. This is one of the best books I have ever read. I am just so happy my mother thought I would enjoy it until I could get a hold of The Island. It reminded me of why I love my town so much even if it is not the easiest place to live at. I was amazed by the way Hislop managed to captivate in her pages all these aspects of being Greek and living in Thessaloniki. I was so caught by the book that I couldn't put it down. I got bored only in the middle of it, but that was nothing really since the book managed to make me smile, laugh, and cry. I didn't even care if sometimes the characters looked flat. That is because I believed it made them more realistic. We all come across as flat sometimes. I felt so bad and sad about all these people that died. It really broke my heart. Our history is full of bloodsheds, but I think the civil war was the worst. I just can't describe how exciting it was reading about my own town going through events I knew about, revisiting places I have visited before. It made me feel even closer to the story. It didn't even bother me knowing that those two would stay alive until the end. It was an amazing book that I plan to read again. Also, I am going to read more books from Hislop.

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Excellent read, cores early 20century through the 2nd workwear and on to today

Superb ..My first book for the author... And won't be my last....

Loved, loved this book, amazing history, fantastically written.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover.


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