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A Bedtime For Bear (2010)

A Bedtime for Bear (2010)

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0763641014 (ISBN13: 9780763641016)
Candlewick Press

About book A Bedtime For Bear (2010)

Bonny Becker's stories about Bear and the mouse are funny and touching. The smattering of rather long words, such as 'most attentive', 'intolerable' and 'insufferable', adds to the humour of the two characters.Kady MacDonald Denton's illustrations have enormous expression, vitality and charm. The characters match the text perfectly. In an interview on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, she describes her methods: "I use pen and ink with watercolours on hot-pressed watercolour paper. As the painting develops, I bring in gouache, oil sticks, perhaps a bit of chalk. I used collage in one book.Sometimes an illustration slips away, and then I’ll grab anything at hand to fight to get it back. If the struggle shows, I’ll start again.I’m in that quickly-shrinking group of illustrators who doesn’t use a computer at any stage in the illustration process." There is so, so much to love about this series, and this book in particular. The grumpiness of the bear that he tries (unsuccessfully) to fight, mouse's unrelenting but gentle cheerfulness, and the total reversal that of stereotypes. Gentle, watercolor-based art illustrates the unlikely friendship with just the right amount of expressiveness.This book would make an excellent storytime book because of the very different narrative voices of the two characters, the whispers and shouts, and the fun ending. Try reading this book not-aloud and you'll see what I mean -- it's just more fun to read to someone else.

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Very sweet and funny. I love the illustrations too. They're a perfect fit with the story.

Just as bad (and bad in terms of ethics of friendship) as the original.

Fun twist on "Country Mouse, City Mouse" with winning illustrations.

good book for sleepover prep, and all around bed time story.


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