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A Bride In The Bargain (2009)

A Bride in the Bargain (2009)

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0764204076 (ISBN13: 9780764204074)
Bethany House Publishers

About book A Bride In The Bargain (2009)

This was good. I actually spent a bit of time Googling the Mercer Girls and various other side notes, as it was all new and interesting to this lifelong Pacific Northwestern girl. Unfortunately, like SO many other books, the conflict in this book was dependent on one character deciding on a course of action and refusing to deviate from it, regardless of everything around them. People change, circumstances change, life moves on and opens our minds and hearts, and people must move and shape and change accordingly. Thus, it drives me absolutely batty when a character (figuratively) sits down in the middle of the book and says, "I ain't gonna change", simply because that is what the author needs them to do to continue the conflict. I think I need to come up with a name for this affliction...Aside from that (major) annoyance, I really enjoyed this book's setting, the various characters and the spiritual and personal themes explored. Joe Denton must have a wife or he will lose half of his land and lumber operation. Because of this, he "buys" a wife from back east. However, the bride he has "bought" has no intention of marrying and is under the impression that she has come west to be a cook. Can Joe convince her to marry him before his time runs out and he loses his land?This was an enjoyable, easy book to read, but it did have some problems. Anna's reasons for not marrying were a little ridiculous, and because she was such a sensible person in all other areas they seemed uncharacteristic. There were also several occurrences in the plot that were too coincidental and seemed to have been thrown in just to further the story along.The book is advertised as a religious romance and though there was some discussion of God and faith, I was surprised that there was not more. The book is very clean, but throughout most of it the characters are VERY physically aware of each other. They exchange several passionate kisses, and there is also an implied marriage night.I found it to be an enjoyable and comfortable book.

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Great book, kept me guessing till the end. Thanks Lerissa for letting me borrow it.

I was thoroughly entertained by this book. It was a fun, and clean love story!

Inspirational Historical Romance set in the Pacific Northwest.

frustrating but entertaining

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