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A Call For A New Alphabet (2011)

A Call for a New Alphabet (2011)
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A Call For A New Alphabet (2011)
A Call For A New Alphabet (2011)

About book: My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He likes alphabet books. He had no idea that one of the first line was, "There was P in the pool." That was just a bonus. This is a cute, albeit a bit frenetic, little book. It is an alphabet book, but it is also an introduction to some of the crazy rules of English writing. My son, of course, got completely lost, and a few times, I lost him, so we just went back to "There was P in the pool" and all was well. "A Call for a New Alphabet" is such a cute book. The story follows around the letter X in Alphabet City, as he's on his quest to change the alphabet. He originally hates being at the end of the alphabet and appearing in relatively few words. On his journey to convince others to change the order and meaning of the alphabet with him, X realizes that he loves who he is and the role he plays. This book is for more advanced readers. There is so much to see and learn from on each page, so it might be a little hard to follow if someone were to read it to a whole class. This might be better for an individual read, but it's overall really educational and appealing.
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Great for older readers learning the rules of the alphabet - clever and FUNNY!
Fun + funny picture book about letters, phonics, and spelling!
It's high time for a new alphabet.
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