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A Candidate For Murder (1992)

A Candidate for Murder (1992)
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A Candidate For Murder (1992)
A Candidate For Murder (1992)

About book: The author starts out really good by having a mysterious conversation with two men while Cary is watching. I like the whole set up of the book. Cary's dad is running for governor in Texas. And Cary is being threatened. The author gets straight to the point. The plot doesn't drag on forever. The book finishes very strong.I really like Cary as a person. She's trying to do good. Even though she's a rich kid, she acts very nicely. It's almost as if she's a normal person who fits perfectly with the middle class. I feel sorry for her because she experiencing lots of conflict, and she tries to fiz it. It was very exciting when she was being followed, and someone breaks into her dad's campaign office. The book contains very intruguing characters. The weirdness of the butler and and strange lady working at the campaign office who both have secrets they want nobody to know. Cary may be digging a little too far, maybe even making politicians look bad.

Kids like this book more than adults. I think maybe "safe" thrillers for middle schoolers don't work so well for more sophisticated readers, so this book doesn't thrill me. Cary Amberson’s father is running for Governor of Texas, and for the first time, Cary is exposed to the lies and insults of a dirty political campaign. Just at a time when she needs him most, her boyfriend suddenly seems unsupportive. And suddenly she is aware that she is somehow involved in something more sinister than just politics because she gets threatening phone calls, and feels that she is being stalked. As she tries to find out what is going on, she becomes more isolated and gets herself into more and more danger.
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Michael Goode4
Joan Lowery Nixon did an excellent job on describing the character's emotions and feelings. Cary, the main character, is the daughter of a man who is running for governor. Throughout the campaign, Cary is getting stalked by a man who is part of the opposing party. Cary runs into this man at the big dinner for both the parties before the big election. That's when the man makes a break to kill Cary. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy politics or murder/crime books. This book is for children ages thirteen and up.
Samantha Peoples
In this book Cary Amberson's father is running for governor of Texas. Cary has to exept some changes in her life. She starts working at her dad's campaign office, but when she over hears a conversation will it get her into to much trouble? Cary knows to expect some prank phone calls, but these calls are much different! The Amberson's know something is going on and Cary is sure someone is following her. This book has so many twists and surprises, and that is why I loved this book! Mystery books are so fun to read because you never know what is going to happen at the end!
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