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A Casa Das Orquídeas (2010)

A Casa das Orquídeas (2010)

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About book A Casa Das Orquídeas (2010)

It was a good story but unbelievably predictable sometimes That works for me as it pulls you forward to get to the happy endings but this one even the most surprising point played out predictably but it did make me angry that someone could be such at arrogant eejit so there was some emotion behind the predictability. so if you are on a beach somewhere and want a book you can read that you do not need to think about, this could be what you are looking for ;) This book is set in the years between the world wars and during and after World War 2. It could be classified as a Downton Abbey book, but is much more in the drama that ensues in this book. I liked the way the author told the story through characters that lived in the present and flashbacks to the story of the family that unfolded in the past decades. The ending is surprising so I will not spoil it for readers. This author also always describes her settings in great detail and the settings are part of the story.

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My librarian recommended this book & I highly recommend it to others.

very predictable...skimmed a lot..but it was fun!

Known as Hothouse Flower

Romance novel.

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