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A Conspiracy Of Kings (2010)

A Conspiracy of Kings (2010)

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0061870935 (ISBN13: 9780061870934)
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About book A Conspiracy Of Kings (2010)

I love every book in this series a little more than the last. in this one the writing and the focus was a little different but I still love that the author leaves just the right amount out to surprise you. I wasn't sure I was going to love this installment of story, but in the end I did. I love how the details from each book connect to each other and the myths told inside the stories as well. It has been a wonderful adventure! Whereas the previous books in The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner starred Eugenides, A Conspiracy of Kings is from the perspective of Sophos. This was unexpected; and meant that at least early on, I missed Eugenides.But, I think Turner knew exactly what was necessary to broaden the scope of political intrigue in her series. Unlike Eugenides who you know would definitely have something up his sleeve, Sophos is a more vulnerable character; and so the series shifts its focus from the sly Eugenides’ ascent to power to the growing possibility of an invasion from the Mede Empire.Since reading The Thief, I had liked the shy and scholarly Sophos. In A Conspiracy of Kings, you get to witness the suffering he endures – being kidnapped and sold into slavery – transform him from a naïve and idealistic character to one who is worthy of being a king. Although Sophos does his best to remain true to himself and to avoid bloodshed, he comes to realize that violence is sometimes unavoidable as a monarch. Some things are just worth fighting for!And it’s not as if Eugenides isn’t around to help. While he can’t do anything outright because of his position, you know he’s machinating in the background with Attolia and Eddis.The problem now is having an excruciatingly long wait for the next book in the series as there is still no date for when the fifth book is to be released. If only Turner would write faster!

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I hope she writes more like she said she would. But this was a very nice ending...for now...

This protagonist reads "weak and whiny", but I was still interested in Turner 's world.

Haven't enjoyed a series this much in ages. Just awesome.

These books are great.

4.5 stars

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