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A Dance Of Cloaks (2010)

A Dance of Cloaks (2010)

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About book A Dance Of Cloaks (2010)

Wow! What a book. I was completely absorbed by it and could not put it down.The book took some rather sudden and unexpected twists and turns, which I think is good as there were surprises that I had not expected, although I was annoyed at some of the twists and turns.I had expected it to follow Aaron throughout the book and was therefore a little disappointed when they did not. Although it worked well the way David Dalglish has done it.Aaron is definitely my favorite character in the book, I really liked him.Thren, Zusa and Kayla are also among my favorite people, but Kayla fall a little behind Thren and Zusa.All in all, I think that it's a really good book, different and engrossing. I will definitely read the next book in the serie. Goodreads Post 3: Book Review  In the story “A Dance of Cloaks” by David Dalglish, the author takes a typical archetype of assassins versus the rich and morphs it into a completely new story, full of twists and turns, plots and other unexpected events. This fresh, fast paced, and thrilling book keeps one engaged and wanting more as it takes one draws them in.The story centers on the character Aaron for example, he is a little boy who goes from eight to thirteen within the story and yet he is dong such unimaginable things and his internal feelings and struggle with trying to find his own true self while under the shadow of his father, Thren is quite moving and tragic in a way, as he clearly realizes the evil that is his father and perfectly understands why his father does, he also sees that it is not the right path for him and must turn away from his father and use the skills he has learned from him to oppose him in any way even should he have to kill him one day. Initially in the book there is nothing more than the set up between all the different factions that have been taking place in the war between the assassins and the Trifect, yet there are even factions within the factions which serves to create more and more issues that happen to prevent the war from getting to secure close with an all out victor. Within the assassins, Thren is attempting to purge his Guilds of any that might oppose him ad his rule, namely it is those of the Hawk guild that are his targets. There are many other good events in this story one of the the more impressive elements are the fighting scenes they’re vivid enough that it is easy enough to visualize and it is as if you are right there. The plot as well does not get dull, it carries on at a nice pace not outrageously fast nor dreadfully slow. This book about the struggles in the dark underworld, showing the world full of hidden intrigue and daggers in the dark. This book is well worth the time and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.

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I wanted to like it more than I did. I might come back to this one another time.

A serviceable novel, but it reads like a D&D campaign.

Couldn't finish, left it at 25%


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