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A Danger To Himself And Others (2014)

A Danger to Himself and Others (2014)
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0989846113 (ISBN13: 9780989846110)
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A Danger To Himself And Others (2014)
A Danger To Himself And Others (2014)

About book: Detective Manny Diaz is the only on the NYC bomb squad who thinks that disabled army veterans blowing themselves up outside recruiting stations are not terrorists but something else. But as the title suggests is he danger to himself and others? This is a good story with interesting characters and Manny Diaz is one the reader gets to understand how he ticks. There is much detail and descriptive situations that you know this guy knows what he is writing about. It is a good book; not great but certainly kept me interested. This was a pretty enjoyable read; the writing style was pleasant, the plot entertaining, and the characters were interesting. I did enjoy Diaz's penchant for keeping a running commentary in his head (because admit it, we all do that). Reading this novel felt very much like reading a television show - by that I mean you'd have a scene of the NYPD bomb squad in their squad room, quickly followed by a scene of the culprit, followed a scene of the explosion - it reminded me very much of watching an episode of Law & Order. All in all, not an overly complex book but enjoyable all the same.
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A teeth-clencher...J.E. Fishman does it again!
good read interesting and entaining
Awesome book! A real page turner!
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