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A Dangerous Witch (2014)

A Dangerous Witch (2014)

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About book A Dangerous Witch (2014)

I've enjoyed all of the "Modern Witch" stories as well as the "Witch Lights", they've been lighthearted and fast reads, but this one had me in tears a few times. Ms. Geary has reached a depth of emotion that had me wondering a few times if there was a ghostwriter involved. Sadly, I read her note to readers after the conclusion of the story, in which she explained the turn her life took, my heart goes out to her. However, (hopefully this doesn't come across as insensitive) I believe that when she comes out the other side of this, if she continues writing, she'll be an even more captivating story teller. I highly recommend you start at the begin of the Modern Witch series, be sure to read all of the books IN ORDER!!! Also, don't skip the short stories, and don't forget the Witch Light trilogy. I read this series free with Kindle Unlimited, but, I HAVE to have these in hard copy, so guess what I asked for & received for Christmas?! I was sad to see that this was the end of the books about my favorite witches. I'll miss them all.This final installment shows us what its like to fight for everything with all you have. A mama being her children's biggest advocate and a mama who would do anything to make sure a cantankerous orb's predictions are wrong. Getting to see everyone one final time made the ending less bittersweet. I don't want to give away the plot as she didn't either. If you loved the other books in this series you'll enjoy this one too.I hope that one day Ms. Geary may have the want to write us more beautiful words from Witch central but for now I'll hold on to the ones she gave us already.

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Not as good as the rest of the series. It seemed rushed. Loved the wrap up at the end though.

Bummed that this is the last one, loved the series and all the characters


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