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A Dark Guardian (2006)

A Dark Guardian (2006)

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1586089684 (ISBN13: 9781586089689)
DL Grant, LLC

About book A Dark Guardian (2006)

This was free on Amazon so I decided to give it a shot. It pains me to say this but I just did not love it. It was hard to get into. It just was a hard read for me. I did not like Hugh at all and Mina just did not make sense to me. She was all for trying to get rid of the creature but she could not stand up to her sister? Odd! I do not think I will be reading the next one although it pains me to say so. Fantasy all the way. This is an awesome mysterious adventure. Hugh and Mina are destined to be together, I could see that from the beginning of the story. It’s a shame Mina’s “family” is as extremely dysfunctional as it is but I’m glad things get better for Mina towards the end. This is the first book of The Shield series and as usual the first book rarely captures me and leaves me wanting more. The “more” is usually filled by the books that follow as they slowly start to fill the spots that were missing for me. So I’m not disheartened when a book doesn’t fulfill my “needs” I just follow on to the next in the series allowing the author to guide my mind to where it needs to go for the book and series to click for me. The story is good the adventure for Mina & Hugh is great; the spark between the two is hawt and I really can’t wait to read the next and have some questions answered for me.

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Just finished the re-released the February 2012 version. Good book, can't wait for the others.

A hot mess. No where near ready to be published for $.99 or for free.

Love the Shields ALMOST as much as the Druids.

loved the twist n turns

Is a great book to read

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