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A Death On The Wolf (2011)

A Death on the Wolf (2011)

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An interesting book that covers several issues, including growing up blind, best friend being gay, Mom died when he was young. They live in Mississippi in the late 60's, so they have to deal with racial issues. Their family is white and is mistreated because they treat the African-Americans well. There are also a couple of historic events that show up in the novel. It is 1969, so we see the first Americans landing on the moon and Hurrican Camille hits Mississippi hard.It was a good book to read. This was a Kindle freebie and I did not really expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. It was a little uneven and sometimes seemed to leave a character in limbo, but I came to care about the characters, especially Nelson and Frankie, and found the story compelling. The summary of "where we are now" at the end seemed a bit too pat, but in general, I was very engaged by this book and read it in a flash. I really liked the use of the moon walk and Hurricane Camille to connect the drama to the bigger dramas of 1969.

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82% before we find out who was killed on the Wolf and then rushed ending..

I loved this book! Its a must read for LGBTQ readers!

I found myself gripped by this coming of age story.

Very good. Highly recommend.

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