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A Decadent Way To Die (2011)

A Decadent Way to Die (2011)
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075823810X (ISBN13: 9780758238108)
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A Decadent Way To Die (2011)
A Decadent Way To Die (2011)

About book: So just finished and not really sure what to think. Another review stated that this was a bit more intense when it came to Tammy's storyline, and I agree with that statement. Overall though, I thought the plot was weak. Unless I missed it, exactly why did the antagonist hook up with the co-conspirator? What happened with one of the victims' spouse, that was it after the fight? And what is up with Dirk? The first 14 books he was never much of a conversationalist, yet these last two books he's suddenly become the Oprah of the San Carmelita Police Department? All in all, still a good series, one I'll definitely keep reading. I knew I had read this before but didn't remember a lot of it. I loved Helene's personality. It made her such a kindred spirit for Savannah. Storyline of the murder was pretty good as well. The murderer wasn't too much of a mystery but shouldn't have been since this was a re-read. Savannah and Dirk's relationship was fun as always. The end was a bit unexpected (if you hadn't already known about it) but I really liked it. Now, I'm ready for the next book!
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This is the 16th book in the series and I am happy to say the books remain entertaining.
This is my favorite out of the series so far!!
This is a particularly good one in the series.
Good, quick read.
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