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A Demon And Her Scot (2013)

A Demon and Her Scot (2013)

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Let me start this Review with.... I am so going to hell lol. Blown Freaking Away! Eve you have done it again! Yes that is what will happen to you after reading this book, not the going to hell part but the being blown away. I could not stop laughing and didnt want to either. Hooked is how you will be after reading one book by the great author of Love, Laughter, and fun. I had so much fun reading this book. Laughing out loud is very likely when reading this book. So I looked up this author and saw she has almost 60 titles out there. If each one of those is as the original as this book, I seriously wonder what playtime with her children must have been like. Amazing. Creative and seriously original. I read a few other reviewers who stated that this was just too much like the first books in the "Welcome To Hell" series, thus my review is coming from me starting at point, book 3. Basically, my review is a bit more on the virginal side.Okay, for one, who knew Lucifer could be so likable. Not only did the devil himself seem to be a guy you would enjoy shooting back a few brewskies at the local pub, wit and comical attitudes of ever other character, including the two lead MC's, was perfect. You can't help love each and every one of them. It has been a while since I felt such sated after a book that I was starting to think that maybe I had read all there was out there to read. I am glad that was not true. This book is so original. Unlike some past attempts to read books of the fantasy epics novel kind, the over stimuli of graphic and visual adjectives often left me abandoning the book before the story could even begin. That or I found myself really bored with it. This book is not one of those. This writer has wonderfully created hell to simple comical and almost practical levels of accuracy. It is like she took greek mythology, biblical references, and any other movie or other resource relating to and chewed them up and spit out a simplistic written description of what hell would be like. This world didn't stop at the front door either. From start to finish,, she maintained the fascinating realm never letting you forget exactly where you were.And then there was sex. Yep. Other books of this caliber usually crosses my ipad at around 50 pages or less. Usually they are highly erotic with very little story to stick to. This one from the beginning had me curious as to how the writer managed 200 pages worth or writing material. Surprisingly, not once was there ever a repeated scene (well maybe the brief revisit to her psychic friend at the end) like ones where the lead MCs never leave the home or dorm through the entire book almost. This book flowed... And flowed... And flow. Each scene, chapter was new and original. This book is also not like some revamped, recreated, updated version of some fairy tale like Cinderella or Red Riding Hood. Again, this book it refreshingly ORIGINAL. I was surprised that it was even apart of a series (now to my utter delight). Funny as... well, how the saying goes, "Hell".I can't justify everyones opinions or likability for taste especially for this title but I can say that this was a book was seriously cleverly crafted in it's entirety. I look forward to following up on the first two books and even have the curiosity to look into a few of her other series. This book is apart of a series but if I had no knowledge of that (through the access of the super highway and Goodreads) I would have never known. It is a book that can stand on it's own. She is now one of my top 5 self pub writers I will continue to follow.*On A Side Note* At almost 60 titles and not seemingly slowing down, some publishing power house seriously needs to sign her up and find out just how many books she is able to produce at this level of quality and passion. She, in my opinion, would be worth investing in.

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Not my favourite of the series but an ok story. Lucifer golfing was the star again.


3.5 stars

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