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A Dubious Legacy (1993)

A Dubious Legacy (1993)
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black swan
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A Dubious Legacy (1993)
A Dubious Legacy (1993)

About book: to be honest i did not really know what to make of this book. guess i could not really see the point of it henry brings his new bride to cotteshaw in 1944 and she immediately retired to her bed and stayed there 2 young couples encounter her 10 years later and become regular but uneasy house guests over the years and between the various characters they piece together the gossip, rumours and mystery of henry's life h/e there r too many unaswered questions -how did matthew and james know henry? why hid henry not divorce margaret on the grounds of annulment? what point was basil, margaret's brother, in the story? what happened to the estate of margaret - and indeen henry ? the only thing that saved it for me were he wonderful characters. notably the two jonathans and calypso all i can say is give t a try and make of it what u will. perhaps i am being too hard bev

What an odd story. Henry brings home a bride during WWII, rescuing her from Cairo as a humanitarian gesture requested by his father. Henry survives the war, but his wife Margaret is truly "mental". I never did figure out how Henry's father even heard of Margaret's dilemma, despite partial explanations by several of the characters. I don't like to think of myself as obtuse, but it's either that or the author wouldn't/couldn't explain it clearly. I'll still read more Wesley, but I wouldn't recommend this one.
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Robyn Smith
Again, I can't decide what I think of Mary Wesley. A cunning plot, interesting characterisations, although the two younger women fit into a rather stereotypical mould of young women of the twenties, young and silly, playing at life, not caring greatly if they make stupid marriage choices because it doesn't really matter when it comes down to it. After all, as one's great-aunt told her, all people of their class take lovers after marriage anyway!I found the "commune" idea rather forced and contrived. It's hard to know if Mary Wesley wrote all this stuff because it was still vaguely fsahionable or to satirise it.A clever book in some ways, but i have a nagging feeling there's something I'm missing.
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