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A Fall Of Water (2012)

A Fall of Water (2012)

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E. Hunter

About book A Fall Of Water (2012)

Probably my favourite of the four novels; Gio and Beatrice call in a lot of favours to resolve the remaining mystery of the elixir, its effects and the political machinations in Rome. Like Twilight #4 it ends in a confrontation with a power roman vampire syndicate. Unlike Twilight there is a major 'Urban Fantasy' showdown, with plenty of explosions and dramatic effects.I liked the political manoeuvring and the developments with the 4 ancient elemental vampires. A good final episode with a feeling that Hunter has developed her own world and plotline much more securely. The last installment of this series is the most happening of the lot but leaves a lot more to desire as a reader. The story eventually is overly simple and leaves one with an anticlimactic feeling. There is a lot that happens around the plot that you want to culminate into something awesome but it doesn't. Hence there are a lot of portions in the book that come across as inconsequential. Also, the fundamental premise that you want to congeal in to a racy and 'wow' climax just does not elevate in terms of complexity or logic. Its FLAT.The most disappointing aspect is probably the epilogue which seems forceful and unnecessary. A good epilogue either should give the reader a sense of closure to the story or it should make the reader crave a follow up. This one just does nothing. Its like a chapter from somewhere in the middle of a book that could have been skipped.After a tantalizing start and build up, Elizabeth Hunter fails to deliver the knock out punch in the last round and you are left with a sense of draw instead of the elation of a win.

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What a wonderful book. I loved the way it brought me into the story wanting more.

good ole Sexy,dark,dangerous vampires yuma di yum

I enjoyed it.

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