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A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (1997)

A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (1997)
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A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (1997)
A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (1997)

About book: tA Fate Totally Worse Than Death by Paul Fleischman was actually really good. I read it because I was looking for a quick read that I could read in one night easily. This was about 120 pages with large font, so it didn't take long at all. Basically it's about three rich, popular girls who will do everything it takes to get a particular guy. That includes killing his girlfriend and writing a suicide note. Now that it's senior year and he's girlfriend-less they're excited and ready to roll. That is, until a new girl shows up and every guy in the school is falling for her. They know she is an obvious threat, so they decide to try to do something about it. Unfortunately, they start to show some signs of aging, such as arthritis, grey hair, and hearing impairment. You could say that makes their plans a little more difficult.tI thought this was great for a short read as it's fast paced and doesn't get boring. The characters are real, even if they're not exactly easy to be fond of and seem a little crazy. My favorite part had to be the very end. It’s like the book was a mystery and you’re finally learning the “who-dunnit”, or in this case how it happened. I didn't see it coming at all, and I doubt too many people do. In a way, some of the things you learn in the end could be possible which makes the story more eerie. Though it was intended to be a horror story, you wouldn’t be frightened out of your wits; you’ll just be well entertained. I’d recommend A Fate Totally Worse Than Death by Paul Fleischman to anyone in need of a good story you can read in about an hour.

A Fate Totally Worse than DeathPaul Fleischman3.0 adventure, romance, suspense, horror i recommend this book because it has a very good story line and has an amazing ending it is the best book iv ever read.A foreign exchange student from Norway named Helga takes all the attention and gets the attention of the boy in school that everyone likes and thhey become jealous and say Helga is a ghost because of her white skin and light hair while trying to get their attention back the girls think up many ways to torture Helga but every time the girls try to mess up Helga in some way, a strong force holds them back
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comFor anyone who enjoyed Scary Movie with it's over-the-top humor, sarcastic wit, dry parodies, and unrestrained juvenile one-liners, A FATE TOTALLY WORSE THAN DEATH is a must read. The plot revolves around three girls, Danielle, Brooke, and Tiffany, who are members of the Huns--the absolutely only clique to belong to at Cliffside High. The Huns believe in one rule above all else--the Hun boys belong to them, and them alone. When Helga, a Norwegian exchange student, shows up, the girls begin to feel threatened, and decide to take matters into their own hands. They've had to take drastic action before, you see, when the boy Danielle is in love with, Drew, started dating Charity Chase, a girl who was definitely not a member of the Huns. The group of three committed an unspeakable act of horror--and now they're beginning to pay for it, in the form of Helga. Because once Helga showed up, and Danielle, Brooke, and Tiffany set about ruining her life, bad things began happening to them instead. As the girls struggle to get through the day, unable to understand why their bodies are betraying them, they come to the conclusion that Helga isn't a girl at all--but the ghost of Charity, come back to haunt them and exact revenge. A FATE TOTALLY WORSE THAN DEATH is definitely funny, outrageous, and a very quick read. For anyone who likes a dash of humor with their horror, this book is for you.
Amber RandolHumorA Fate Totally Worse Than Death involved three girls who were the most popular in their school: Tiffany, Brooke, and Danielle. The girls had murdered a former classmate who was attracting the attention of one of their boyfriends, but no one knows about it. A new girl, Helga, from Norway, comes to the school and all of the girls boyfriends like her, so the group sets out to get her to leave. They try cutting her hair and attacking her mentally but it backfires and Helga says they will pay for it. The girls then start to age very quickly, getting gray hair, poor vision, arthritis, liver spots, weak bladders, etc. They think Helga is the ghost of the girl they killed because they believe she cursed them, and they set out to kill her too. They get caught trying to murder her in the process, but they end up needing to be hospitalized instead of put in jail because they keep aging more and more rapidly. Tiffany meets a woman who is the grandmother of the girl they murdered, and she slipped a drug into the chocolates the girls stole from her that ages the body so she could get revenge. This book had an ironic humor for the most part, but it was also funny with the aging that they experienced. It was harder to relate because the main characters were the popular girls, and because of the aging that they suffered.
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