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A Gold Star For Zog (2012)

A Gold Star for Zog (2012)

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0545417244 (ISBN13: 9780545417242)
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About book A Gold Star For Zog (2012)

This has been on the book trolley for ages but somehow I have neve rgot round to reading it which is very unusualto say it is a Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler book who I have been a huge fan of ever since I first heard the Gruffalo a few moons ago.You see the dragon each year trying and trying to learn dragon things and failing each time - as children do.Lovely to see the other female character go against the grain and stand up for herself and go for what she wants. Children's books are definetly changing for the better.Dragons & Princesses, a wonderful rhyming text and colourful illustrations what more could you ask for? Zog is an eager student at Madam Dragon's school, but he is also accident prone. Each year the dragons work on mastering a new skill and each year a mysterious girl comes to his aid when he manages to get hurt - crashing into a tree when learning to fly, losing his voice when learning to roar, and burning his own tail when learning to breathe fire. When it comes time to learn to kidnap a princess, he just can't seem to do it. He runs into the girl again and explains that he will never win a gold star. She responds by saying, "Perhaps you'd like to capture me? I'm Princess Pearl." Pearl loves living amongst the dragons and acting as their own personal physician. Then a knight comes to save her from the dragons and before Zog and the Knight can fight it out, she tells them to stop. She doesn't want to be a princess, she wants to be a doctor and travel around to help people. The knight thinks that it sounds like a great idea and Zog wants to be their ambulance. A great book with cheerful pictures that we fully enjoyed.

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Cute pictures as always, but the story is kinda off and doesn't lead to anything.

Great loved it


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