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A Graceful Mess (2013)

A Graceful Mess (2013)
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A Graceful Mess (2013)
A Graceful Mess (2013)

About book: This was a bit rushed and a bit too perfect in the looking at someone's picture and falling in love, having sex 3 times and falling in love, meeting the daughter you gave up for adoption for 32 seconds and then rushing to your safe deposit box to update a letter and your will about 12 hours later. Just really unbelievable little hiccups in the story line, which was otherwise fairly solid and could have done without these "coincidences" I think. When I saw the title to Nacole Stayton's new book, A Graceful Mess, and was asked to read and review by the lovely Miss Anna I said sure! Thinking it was a very lighthearted Story. Now don't get me wrong, it is somewhat lighthearted but it touch on some big things.. I love the characters Grace Clearwater and Parker Porter! She is the Jaded hurt not knowing much about her actual past female lead and he is the hot, sexy, good guy male lead.. Grace Clearwater had a traumatic event happen to her when she was a teen that causes her to be closed up and timid. Her best friend Maci sticks by her no matter what. Thanks to Maci (being the pushy outgoing friend that she is) Grace is set up with a double date she has yet to meet. At the Club they go to celebrate their graduation from college and to meet tattoo artist Spencer Ramsey and Carson Porter (Parker's little bro). Carson tells his big bro to meet him at the club. While Carson gets Grace a drink and flirts with the chick next to him Parker eyes Grace and is instantly infatuated with her.. Now here's the kicker ! (and a teeny tiny spoiler) Parker is hired by Grace's biological father (yes she's adopted) to shadow her .. and is told to stay away and just follow . Here is a little insight to what Parker thinks the first time "I see the pair emerge from the ladies' room a few minutes later. Recognizing her face, I am shocked, but my eyes are instantly glued to her smile so wide, the sounds of laughter coming out of her mouth echo in the small hallway. I raise my glass to my lips and take a draw. The burning sensation reminds me this isn't a daydream. Although I wish it were. I can only picture the naughty positions I would lay her toned body in underneath me." HOLY MOLY!! I nearly died right there! Grace is scared and careful, Having a psycho ex-boyfriend who traumatized her would do that. Parker fights to stay away but can't. As the relationship between Parker and Grace grow it only gets hotter... The SEX gets hotter. Parker~ "Well there is no words. Feel this. This is what you do to me .Just the sight of you makes me hard as a rock." Grace~ "You know what you do to me, Parker. Touch me. Feel me. I'm so wet and you haven't even laid a finger on me. Now that's what you do to me. Better yet, taste me." HOLY SHIT! I nearly came apart just from Grace's words alone! Can Parker and Grace overcome her past? Will they stay together you ask? Do you really want to know?? Do ya? Just go on and One-Click A Graceful Mess by Nacole Stayton and you will find out. I laughed, I cried , My heart was broken. But I will tell you this There is an HEA for all of you readers that love HEA's! GO ON CLICK! You won't regret it! ;) ~ Christina
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Wow!!! Wow!!! Truly a wonderful story.
Aug 27, 2013
3.5-4 stars
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