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A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond The Veil (2014)

A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil (2014)
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A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond...
A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond The Veil (2014)

About book: First of all, I love reading these type of experiences. I have been reading these type of books for over 25 years. Each person that experiences a dream or vision will experience something different and unique from other people. There is purpose in this. We receive that which we are ready to know and understand. Is any one person's experience right or wrong? NO. It is personal and meant to be for their learning and growth. If there is a reader that can experience a similar knowledge and growth then "Thanks" to the author for sharing his or her experiences. I did like Julie's unique perspective on some of the traditional "Bible Stories". The thought that Noah grieved so deeply for his children that did not join him on the ark made sense to me. I appreciated the fresh look on an age old story. True? Maybe, maybe not. I believe that some day if we truly want to know, we will have the full truth of what actually happened. Will everything happen exactly the way she saw future events, for her probably, for me, maybe not. Either way I will not be any worse off for reading her thoughts on what she experienced. I certainly do not doubt her sincerity or testimony. The author considers this a near-death experience vision. More than half the book is a repeat of all the stories in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and recent church history with no new insights except that she saw them. The other part is a vision of the the Last Days. These always make me uncomfortable.I've heard these stories before, and I mean way before (Prophecy by Dwayne Crowther anyone?) It reminds me of the Left Behind series--speculative Christian fiction-- without the storyline. I don't find this useful for me.
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I was skeptical of this book at first, but as I read it I was surprised how much i liked it.
If you liked "Visions of Glory", you may like this as well.
This is a MUST read!! Absolutely loved it!
Amazing book, must read for all!
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