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A Grim Holiday (2013)

A Grim Holiday (2013)

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About book A Grim Holiday (2013)

OK this was really short...kind of a tease.Love how Lisa gives Grim his first BJ. He was so surprised, grateful and turned-on all at the same time.The kids Carli and Miki are so cute and they give Grim a really sweet gift.There is a great teaser about Ull and how he plans to go to Earth and warn them about the Ganglions stealing their women to sell to Tornian.Ull feels rejected since none of the original 11 women wanted to join with him. I hope he gets a HEA eventually. A Grim Holiday, charming, sweet and yes, steamy novella is a prime example of what happens when a good story-teller FINALLY starts investing in editing. On numerous occasions the previous books by M.K. Eidem were raked over the hot coals by reviewers, including yours truly, not for the poor stories but for an absolutely atrocious editing. With this novella it was rewarding to see that our angst and critique were not in vein and have been heard. Well done ,Ms Eidem. If you keep work like this one coming our way, you will find more readers who will not only like your stories, but respect you as an author.

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It was very good like the rest of the series

Beautiful continuation of the Grim book. The editing is spot on.

Not enough I can't wait until the next book comes out .

cute story but not necessary !

sweet. quick quick read

Cute but too short.

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