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A Harvest Of Bones (2005)

A Harvest of Bones (2005)
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0425207269 (ISBN13: 9780425207260)
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A Harvest Of Bones (2005)
A Harvest Of Bones (2005)

About book: As a surprise for Emerald, Joe has bought the vacant lot next door. Now they can extend the garden, and make a nice herb garden for her. But first they will have to clean the lot from the brambles that have overgrown it. Em has taken a week of from work, her beloved Chintz ‘n China shop is run perfectly by her two employees in her absence. In a week time, it will be her birthday, on Halloween. While clearing the lot, they stumble upon the foundation of a house, and something dangerous is set free. Especially when they find the body of a young woman, hidden in a tree that has grown around her. Who was she, and how did she and her cat end up in that tree? When even her daughter Miranda sees the ghost in her bed room, Emerald is determined to find out the truth. This will not be so easy when the sale of the lot is revoked and they are denied access to it. But when her kids and her pet are in danger, Emerald doesn’t care about trespassing laws. Em’s daughter Miranda is suffering her first crush, and that is sweet to watch. Kip is being Kip, always in trouble. This time he falls out of a tree when he thinks he sees their missing cat up there. This was a really spooky story, with those will-o’-the-wisps appearing, corpse candles. They are capable of harming people. The mystery was very good though. I did not remember all the details, and I really thought someone else did kill Brigit. I loved how her background story was told, with a page from her diary at the beginning of each chapter. The cat swap was very sad to read about and I was anxious to see that revolved.A really, really good series, recommended. And yes, I did re-read the whole series one after each other.10 stars.

Great Book. This is book four of the Chintz n' China Mysteries. They are a good fast read with humor, regular daily events and a dose magic and mayhem. In this book Em's Sweetie Joe had contracted to buy the property next door to Em's house. Em decided to take a vacation from her Tea shop the Chintz n' China Tea Room and help Joe clear the lot. There are lots of bramble's to pull but thing get exciting when they discover the brambles hide the foundation of a house that was hit by lighting and burned to the ground over 50 years ago. As they are looking into the space under the foundation through an opening they discovered Em hears a scream. Of course she is the only one who hears it. But it sets the stage for a series of strange events including Will o' the Wisp and the disappearance of her cat Sammy. Em is again challenged to solve a mystery that could threaten the safety of her children. And She needs to do this by her birthday. Wouldn't you know her birthday is Samhain/Halloween.
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