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A Holiday Yarn (2010)

A Holiday Yarn (2010)

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0451231589 (ISBN13: 9780451231581)
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About book A Holiday Yarn (2010)

Izzy and her friends find themselves investigatingba murder. A woman is murdered on her familiy's property. The police have a few suspects which the ladies disagree with. It seems the murder victim had enemies new and old. There eas also an issue with Sam making his relationship with Izzy questionable. Through diligence the ladies figure out tye murderer and the motive. And Sam revealed his secrets to Izzy. A good mystery. The Christmas season has unraveled in Sea Harbor and then a murder casts a damper on the town’s yuletide festivities. The editor for a fashion magazine is found murdered in the snow at a bread and breakfast inn belonging to her grandfather. Pamela Pisano is beautiful and talented, but a lousy person. Still, Pamela does not deserve her violent death. The Seaside Knitters must act fast to solve the murder and to salvage the town's holiday cheer. Goldenbaum delights in showing the different ages of love and dispelling the notion that love is just for the young. Again, Goldenbaum does not write a graphic murder or explicit sex novel. She rests on that gentle yarn in which friendship and love triumph. I would love to see a map of the Sea Harbor community.

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Much better than the earlier books I have read, better pace, and more intricate a plot and mystery.

Very cute! Kept me guessing till the end.

Seaside Knitters Mystery

nice knitting mystery

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